The Project for Improving Occupational Health and Safety was Implemented

Misgep, the project of improving occupational health and safety, was brought to life.
Misgep, the project of improving occupational health and safety, was brought to life.

The European Union and Turkey which is jointly financed by the Republic, especially in the Mining Industry Development of the Occupational Health and Safety Project (MİSGEP) Family scope of the implementation and application of Labor and Social Services determined the Minister Zehra Zumrut Selcuk announced that Financial Support and Guidance Program's beneficiaries.

26 underground mines from 70 different provinces from Zonguldak, Mersin, Çanakkale to Hakkari, which produces coal or metal ore, were entitled to benefit from this support.

This support to be provided in the field of occupational health and safety, which has an increasing importance during the pandemic period, has been designed in a way that includes both the financial support model and the guidance support that will ensure the development of institutional capacity.

Within the scope of the guidance support to be provided with field visits for 24 months in this sector, where the ever-changing working environment always makes it open to new risks; It is aimed to transfer knowledge and experience for technical studies such as risk assessment of workplaces, emergency plans, 3D modeling of the underground mine, modeling of ventilation plans via software, reporting on occupational accidents and near-misses, and developing root cause analysis procedures. In addition, this support includes health screenings and theater training of 10.000 employees.

The financial support to be provided under this program, with a total budget of 7.6 million Euros, covers the OHS professional wages, rescue training fees and the integration costs of the OHS Management System Standard specific to SMEs to 15 workplaces.

With this program, field activities will gain momentum with the determination of beneficiaries; With the efforts and cooperation of all parties, it is aimed to create decent working conditions in underground mining operations.



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