İmamoğlu: We Are Against Those Trying to Destroy the Countryside, We Don't Want Concrete Channel

imamoglu against those who try to destroy rural, we do not want concrete channel
imamoglu against those who try to destroy rural, we do not want concrete channel

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, visited the tradesmen in Çatalca and met with the village women who produce seasonal flowers in greenhouses. Emphasizing that they will support the countryside and production in every sense, İmamoğlu said, “If we establish good bonds between people and guide them in production, we will create a very strong Istanbul countryside. Our struggle against those who are trying to destroy the countryside is very important. We want production in the lands of this country. We do not want ridiculous concrete canals to be built on the lands of this country," he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluallocated the afternoon part of his Thursday shift to the town of Çatalca, one of the rural areas of the city. İmamoğlu, who first made investigations at the Gravel Junction arrangement construction in Ferhatpaşa Mahallesi, later visited the Hamamönü tradesmen. with shopkeepers sohbet Imamoglu listened to the problems coming from the citizens. İmamoğlu, who also examined the construction of the İSKİ Service Building in the same neighborhood, received information from the authorities. İmamoğlu's last stop in the district was Kızılcaali Village. İmamoğlu in the village; Çatalca Chamber of Agriculture and the İBB affiliate Ağaç ve Peyzaj A.Ş. visited the greenhouses where seasonal flower production is carried out within the scope of the social responsibility project carried out in cooperation.

"Our peasant will really be 'master' if given the opportunity."

Çatalca Chamber of Agriculture Chairman Seyit Çetin and Ağaç ve Peyzaj A.Ş. Accompanied by General Manager Ali Sukas, İmamoğlu is colorful with female employees participating in the production. sohbets made it happen. Evaluating Çatalca visit with female employees, İmamoğlu said, “Today we are in Çatalca. We also visit our villages. Enjoyable for us. Why? Because we are here with the producing villagers, ”he said. Saying, “The villagers' production in the countryside, living side by side with the city at the same time makes life there healthy, keeps alive, and supports each other,” said Imamoglu.

“A very good cooperation started here. As the landscaping specialist unit of our institution, Ağaç A.Ş. produced a business here together with our villagers, our Chamber of Agriculture. Growing the plants and flowers that need them here… They also have demands for the production of different plants tomorrow. We will talk to our General Manager, we will be sensitive to that issue. Our presidents here say; We want other villages to be active in this business. So we need to increase the potential. It seems that; As long as our villages in Istanbul are given the opportunity, if they produce only for this city, the countryside of here will really be 'master'. The phrase 'the peasant is the master of the nation' is not a word spoken in vain by Atatürk. It is a powerful word. In terms of character, it is a saying that its influence and importance will not pass over hundreds of years. Because if there is no production, if people are not fed, if you do not produce according to the conditions of the age, you cannot really make the society and the nation happy. "

"It makes me very happy that women are involved in production."

Emphasizing that the cooperation made makes everyone happy, İmamoğlu said, “The more beautiful; women are satisfied. The fact that women are involved in the production and seeing their happiness with this production makes me very very happy. I already see that Istanbul will be more beautiful when you plant the flowers with your own hands. Health to your hands and efforts. Even our sisters say, "It's not enough for us." 'Let them give us more variety. They say 'Let's spread this to all our villages'. This is what we want. If we establish a good bond of affection among people and guide them in production, we will have a very strong Istanbul countryside. This struggle against those who try to destroy the countryside is very important. We want production in the lands of this country. We do not want ridiculous concrete canals to be built on the lands of this country. We will not allow these places to be drowned in concrete. God forbid, we will do our work intensely to make these beautiful lands more productive and fertile ”.

"We do not allow illegal construction"

İmamoğlu asked a journalist, "Do you have a chance to prevent illegal buildings by working in partnership with district municipalities?" Metropolitan, district municipality does not matter. We have to work together with the district governorship in all aspects, and we are also working. Our citizens should also be sensitive in this regard. That is, it is not a sin to denounce a runaway structure in a place where he sees it; It is a sin not to report. Therefore, in order to protect the nature and the environment, we do not allow illegal construction. Look, I've been serving for 2 years. This is in politics, in municipalism; 'Don't let it here, don't let it here.' We never compromise; I am a person closed to that kind of phone, to those kinds of demands. Therefore, we will fight on this issue to the end. We work in harmony with our district municipalities; but every denunciation obtained - is an open call - be it Çatalca or somewhere else; We are sensitive to any notice. We'll go until the end ”gave the answer.

He sat at the women's table with the women

İmamoğlu, who came together with the residents of Kızılcaali Village near the mukhtar, gave a short speech here. Reminding that they guarantee purchase for the flowers produced by the villagers, İmamoğlu gave the good news that their support of different types will continue. Visiting Muhtar Ömer Engin in his office, İmamoğlu again sat with them at the table prepared by the hands of peasant women. Served with donuts and wrapped leaves sohbetwas the scene of colorful moments.

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