Partial Closure Circular from the Ministry of Interior! What are the bans and when do they start?

partial closure circular from the ministry of interior prohibitions and when does it start?
partial closure circular from the ministry of interior prohibitions and when does it start?

To 81 Provincial Governorships by the Ministry of Interior Partial Closure Circular sent. In the Circular, the basic principles of the process of combating the epidemic, as well as the rules of cleaning, mask and distance, as well as the rules and precautions to be followed for all areas of life; It was stated that the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Coronavirus Scientific Committee were determined and implemented in line with the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Circular mutates Covidien-19 virus to increase the spread of disease throughout the world, day cases, especially due to the UK variant of Turkey, a rapid increase in ICU and intubated patient numbers were expressed there.

In the Circular, on 13.04.2021, our President, Mr. In line with the decisions taken in the Presidential Cabinet convened under the presidency of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan From 14:2021 on Wednesday, April 19.00, XNUMX Stating that it was taken for a two-week partial closure to cover the country in general, the measures taken were listed as follows:

1. On the days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) between 19.00-05.00, on the weekends starting at 19.00 on Fridays, covering the entire Saturday and Sunday and ending at 05.00 on Mondays curfew restrictions will be applied.

1.1 The places and persons specified in the Annex, in order to ensure the continuity of production, manufacturing, supply and logistics chains, and the continuity of health, agriculture and forestry activities, will be exempted from the restriction.

  • Exemptions for curfews are limited to the reason for exemption and, accordingly, time and route, as clearly stated in our circular previously sent to our provinces, otherwise it will be considered as abuse of exemptions and subject to administrative / judicial sanctions.
  • On the other hand, the exemption for the curfew for foreigners will not only cover foreigners who are in our country for a temporary / short period within the scope of touristic activities. Foreigners who are outside the scope of touristic activities, including residence permit holders, persons under temporary protection status or international protection applicants and status holders, will be subject to curfew restrictions.

1.2 There is a curfew On Saturdays and Sundays, markets, grocery stores, greengrocers, butchers and dried fruits shops will be able to operate between 10.00-17.00. Except for those aged 65 and over and under 18, They will be able to go to the closest market, grocery store, greengrocer, butcher and dried fruits shops to their residences, provided that they are limited to meeting their mandatory needs and not to drive a vehicle (except for our disabled citizens).

Between the same hours, grocery stores, grocery stores, greengrocers, butchers, dried fruit shops and online ordering companies will also be able to make sales to home / address.

1.3 On Saturdays and Sundays when there is a curfew, bakery and / or bakery licensed businesses and only bread-selling dealers of these businesses will be open. (Only bread and bakery products can be sold in these workplaces.).

Except for those aged 65 and over and under the age of 18, they will be able to go to and from the bakery within walking distance of their residences, provided that they are limited to meeting their bread and bakery product needs and do not drive a vehicle (excluding our disabled citizens).

  • During the month of Ramadan, pita and bread production, including special order production in bakeries, will be ended 1 hour before iftar in order to prevent the risk of pita queues and the intensity that may occur during and just before iftar time, and only sales will be made until the iftar time. Production, sales and other preparations will continue in bakeries after iftar.
  • Bread distribution vehicles belonging to bakery and bakery products licensed businesses can only serve bread to markets and grocery stores, and no sales will be made on the streets with bread distribution vehicles.

1.4 In order to comply with the curfews, the working hours of all workplaces (except those with an exception) will be determined between 07.00-18.00 on weekdays.

Chain markets will open at 10.00:XNUMX.

2. On weekdays; Citizens aged 65 and over will be able to go out between 10.00-14.00, and young people and children under 18 between 14.00-18.00. and will not go out outside these hours

Regardless of weekdays / weekends, our citizens aged 65 and over and young people under 18 and children will not be allowed to use public transportation vehicles (metro, metrobus, bus, minibus, minibus, etc.).

Our young people under the age of 18 who receive education in class levels and support and training courses / reinforcement courses, which are decided to continue face-to-face education by the Ministry of National Education, will be able to benefit from public transportation provided that they document their status.

3. Intercity travels of our citizens, except for public transportation, will not be allowed during the period and days (weekdays and weekends) in which the curfew is applied, except for compulsory situations.

3.1 Intercity travels of people who do not have any mandatory conditions will only be possible by using public transport (plane, bus, train, ship, etc.). The officials of the public transportation vehicles that document their job-related provinces and the ticket, reservation code, etc. that they will travel intercity. Persons who submit with it will be exempt from the curfew.

3.2 Conditions to be Considered as Compulsory Conditions;

  • Who is discharged from the hospital where he is treated and wants to return to his original residence, who has been referred with a doctor's report and / or previously received a doctor appointment / control,
  • To attend the funeral of himself or his spouse, deceased first-degree relative or brother or to accompany the funeral transfer (maximum 8 people),
  • Those who have come to the city they are in in the last 5 days but do not have a place to stay but want to return to their place of residence (those who submit their travel ticket, vehicle license plate, other documents showing their travel, information and information),
  • Those who will attend the exams announced by ÖSYM and other central exams,
  • Who want to complete their military service and return to their settlements,
  • An invitation letter for private or public daily contract,
  • Released from penal institutions,

In the presence of these specified situations, they will be able to travel by public transportation vehicles or by private vehicles, provided that they obtain permission from the Travel Permit Boards, through the E-APPLICATION and ALO 199 systems of the Ministry of Interior, or through direct application to the Governorship / District Governorates.

3.3 Checkpoints will be established at all entrances and exits of cities (provided that inter-provincial coordination is ensured) in order to increase the effectiveness of the intercity travel restriction in the period and days in which the curfew is applied. It will definitely be examined whether those traveling by private vehicles are within the scope of exemption and those who do not have a valid excuse / exemption will not be allowed to travel between cities.

4. Until 16:2021 on Sunday, May 24.00, XNUMX, eating and drinking places (places such as restaurants, restaurants, cafeterias, patisseries, dessert shops) will not accept customers at the table in the interior or exterior areas of the workplaces.

During this period, eating and drinking places operate as take-away and take-away services on weekdays between 07.00 and 19.00, only take-away service from 19.00 to sahur, and only take away from 10.00 am to sahur on Saturdays and Sundays. able to show.

Likewise, online food ordering companies will be able to make sales to homes / addresses on weekdays and weekends from 10.00:XNUMX to sahur time.

5. The activities of the workplaces mentioned below will be temporarily suspended until Monday, May 17, 2021.

  • Astro pitch, swimming pool, gym, beauty center / salons, Turkish bath and saunas, amusement parks and theme parks,
  • Places such as coffee houses, coffee houses, cafes, association tavern, tea garden,
    Places such as internet cafe / lounge, electronic game places, billiard room.
  • Tea shops will be able to continue their activities provided that they remove their tables, chairs / stools and only serve tradesmen.

6. Until May 17, 2021, non-governmental organizations, professional organizations in the nature of public institutions and their superior organizations, unions and cooperatives will not be allowed to participate in any kind of activities with broad participation, including the general assembly.

7. Although the marriage process continues, weddings in the form of wedding and wedding ceremonies can be held as of May 17, 2021. Engagement, henna, ceremonies, ceremonies, weddings will not be allowed in any way until this time.

8. In urban public transportation vehicles;

  • The seating capacity will be limited to 50%,
  • Standing passengers will not be allowed in urban public transportation vehicles where physical distance rules cannot be applied in terms of interior volume, such as minibuses / midibuses and buses without any dilution and lift in seat capacity,
  • Apart from these, in public transportation vehicles such as rail system vehicles (metro, tram, etc.), metrobuses and buses with diluted / lifted seat capacities; It will be determined by the provincial / district public hygiene boards at what rate / number of standing passengers can be admitted, without violating the physical distance rules.
  • In rail system vehicles (subway, tram, etc.), metrobuses and buses with diluted / lifted seat capacities, the sign / signboard will be hung in a way that everyone can see and the places where standing passengers can stand will be determined by physically marking.

9. Social protection / care centers such as nursing homes, elderly nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and children's homes will not receive visitors until May 17, 2021.

10 Food and beverage places in all accommodation facilities (hotel, motel, apart hotel, pension, etc.), including touristic facilities, will be able to serve only to guests with accommodation and provided that a maximum of 2 people are not served at the same table.

Mass iftar organizations will not be held in the accommodation facilities.

In line with the circulars previously sent to the provinces, the inspections of the accommodation facilities will be continued effectively, and all kinds of abuse, especially fake reservation, will be prevented.

11 Discounts made by various workplaces due to opening or specific days or hours can lead to crowds in an uncontrolled manner.

For this reason, discounts will be applied for long periods of at least one week in order to avoid the intensity instead of general discounts due to opening or specific days or hours.

12 In line with the Presidency's Circular No. 2021/8, flexible working methods such as remote and / or rotational working will be used at the maximum level in public institutions and organizations. Personnel under administrative leave (pregnant employees, those using milk leave, female employees with children aged 10 and under, disabled employees, employees over 60, those with chronic illnesses) will be provided convenience and the start and end hours of working hours in the public will be 10.00-16.00.

Private sector companies with suitable working conditions, conditions and opportunities will also be encouraged to adopt flexible working methods.

13 With the circular previously sent to the provinces, the obligation to submit the negative SARS-CoV-15 PCR test result made in the last 2021 hours from all land, sea and air border gates until April 72, 2 will continue until May 31, 2021.

The work and procedures regarding the quarantine conditions to be applied to those who cannot submit a negative SARS-CoV-2 PCR test result will be carried out according to our previously published circulars.

In line with the above-mentioned principles, the decisions of the Provincial / District General Hygiene Boards will be taken urgently in accordance with Articles 27 and 72 of the General Hygiene Law. There will be no disruption in the application and no grievances will be caused.

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