Emergency restoration is a must in Haldun Taner Stage

urgent restoration is required in the haldun taner scene
urgent restoration is required in the haldun taner scene

📩 17/04/2021 15:13

Deputy Secretary General of IMM Mahir Polat stated that Haldun Taner Stage requires urgent restoration and said that their priority is to ensure life safety. Polat shared the information that they recommended the Istanbul University Conservatory, which teaches at Haldun Taner Stage, the IMM offices in Göztepe Park, and that they also interviewed students. Emphasizing that a very important cultural and artistic accumulation will be achieved in Göztepe Park, Polat said, “There are mature examples of this in the world”.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, (IMM) KadıköyHe continues his restoration work in Haldun Taner Stage, which is among the symbolic structures of Turkey. Stating that decays have been detected in the building and human life is in danger, IMM Deputy Secretary General Mahir Polat said, “We need to take urgent measures against earthquakes in Istanbul. In order not to be sad about the loss of life and the scenes that will occur in the worst scenario, the officials should do their responsibilities from today ”.


According to the information given by Polat, the first warning about the durability of the Haldun Taner Stage was made in 2007. Although it has been known with the Boğaziçi University report that the Haldun Taner Stage building is in a bad condition to resist an earthquake since 2007, the life safety of the students has been ignored. According to the earthquake regulation, the compressive strength of a building should be 25 megapascals, while in the report by Boğaziçi University, this compressive strength was determined at the level of 5 megapascals in Haldun Taner Stage. Despite this, since 2007, the Haldun Taner Stage has continued to open its doors to thousands of citizens, especially children. In 2017, it was decided to make a restoration project about the building and make it a stage and cultural center.

Mahir Polat explained the process on the subject as follows: “Since 2007, all correspondence has been destroyed in some way and life safety has been disregarded in some way. In 2017, with the decision of the conservation board, the project prepared for the urgent regulation of the area was found in our hands. Therefore, we need to complete the restoration process, which was delivered in 2017, by not protecting the building and ensuring the safety of people in it. While the building had to be repaired for years, the administrators did not take measures and did not repair the building. If there had been an earthquake during this time, great tragedy would have happened. In order to prevent any tragedy in this building in the expected Istanbul earthquake, we urgently take the building into repair. Here, KadıköyWe see it as a cultural center, a project that will provide great energy as a cultural core. "


Polat shared the information that the section used as the conservatory of Haldun Taner Stage is the risky area where bruises occur in the building and said, “We very much want the conservatory to continue in similar areas. But the new project is one that the conservatory cannot be there, unfortunately. Because the areas where the conservatory is located are concrete mezzanines added later ”.

Polat underlined that the education and the cultural and artistic life here are also very valuable for them, continued as follows:

“Our President Ekrem İmamoğluWith the directive of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we did not leave the Istanbul University Conservatory unattended and offered a solution. We present the buildings we use as offices in Göztepe Park to the students of Istanbul University Conservatory, with great voluntariness and love. Our talks with the university, lecturers and students continue.”


Underlining that Göztepe Park is a special park, Polat said, “The life in Göztepe Park; We intend to contribute by carrying all kinds of cultural and artistic knowledge such as theater, ballet and music, and bring this enthusiasm together with the park and life. There are very original and mature examples on this subject in the world. "We continue our projects in Istanbul in this way to produce areas where culture and art can meet more," he said.

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