ANTRAY and Nostalgia Tram Will Not Provide Service in Weekend Restriction

Antray and nostalgia tram will not serve in weekend restrictions
Antray and nostalgia tram will not serve in weekend restrictions

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality put 31 line on the voyage for citizens who are obliged to work in the weekend curfew. A total of 84 buses, 57 on Saturday on the day of the restriction and 141 on Sunday, will serve citizens on 31 lines between 06.00-22.00.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality made public transportation planning within the scope of the curfew that will start at 21.00 on Friday evening and end at 06.00 on Monday morning, within the scope of the last circular of the Ministry of Interior. Accordingly, there will be flights to 31 lines to ensure public transportation of health personnel, public and other employees who are obliged to work in the restriction. Black plate public transportation vehicles belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality will go on the voyage in diluted form. There will be 31 transportation vehicles on the 84 line on Saturday and 57 transportation vehicles on Sunday. ANTRAY and Nostalgia tram will not serve.


According to the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department; VF01, VF02, AC03, AF04 / A, KC06, LC07A, KL08, LF09, LF10, UC11, MC12, VL13 / A, CV14, DC15 / A, TC16, CV17, VS18, MD25, MK80A, KC35A, MF40, TK51, Main and trunk lines with plate number KF52, VML54A, VF63, VF66, FL82, DC79, DM86, 511 and 600 will continue their voyages on days with curfew. Public transportation vehicles, which will start their first voyage at 06.00 on Saturday and Sunday, where there is a curfew, will make their last voyage at 22.00. The trips will take place at 60 minute intervals.

On the other hand, it was stated that in a possible case, citizens could get information from the call center numbered 606 07 07 and the Antalyakart application.

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