Smuggled Weapon Operation at Habur Customs Gate

Kacak Weapon Operation at Habur Gumruk Gate
Kacak Weapon Operation at Habur Gumruk Gate

Ministry of Trade Customs Enforcement teams Habur Customs Gate of the operations in Turkey entering in a car's engine block into hidden a total of 8 pistols and 17 magazines, one in another suspicious vehicle was caught in a gun known as the ghost of weapons in public.

A vehicle considered as risky in the analysis study carried out within the scope of anti-smuggling activities carried out at Habur Customs Gate was sent to x-ray scanning. Explosive and ammunition detector dogs were commissioned after the operators who examined the x-ray images determined that there could be a weapon in the vehicle.

This section was opened when the detector dog focused on the engine block of the vehicle and reacted under the fuse cover located here. In the search, a total of 8 guns and 17 magazines wrapped in black bags hidden under the fuse cover were seized.

On the other hand, a gun known as a ghost weapon in the public was caught during the searches made in another vehicle which was also found suspicious.

Performed successful operations as a result of vehicles seized into the wrong hands reacted to Turkey of weapons in connection with blocking the subject of Silopi on car drivers of the Prosecutor before the 6136 investigation was launched by the opposition crimes.

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