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Armin Roof Ges Solutions
Armin Roof Ges Solutions

Since solar energy is a clean resource, it is an alternative to fossil fuels. In addition, since there is no fuel problem, there is no operating cost, it is modular and can be commissioned in a very short time, the use of systems that generate electricity with solar energy is constantly increasing in our country as in the world.

Turkey, in terms of its solar energy potential winner because of its geographic location is fortunate situation compared to many other countries. Considering the depreciation periods of power generation systems, there is an increase in demand for solar energy, which is attractive to people.
The most effective way to save for consumption facilities is to produce their own energy, to consume what it produces and to save on surplus. kazanç is to provide.

As Armin Elektrik, we undertake engineering, procurement and installation processes in our company. We are proud to serve in the Solar Energy sector on this road we set off with the slogan "We Are Everywhere With The Power We Get From Nature". We provide consumers with turnkey services on Land and Roof SPPs.

With the experience of our company in the energy sector, to all SPP investors; We create an infrastructure to work with minimum malfunction and maximum efficiency in our facilities. The most important issue here is a good engineering and harmony between the equipment used. It is necessary to know how to use it as well as the selection of the material used and the field application should be done very properly. Thanks to our company infrastructure, all of these works progress in proper order and harmony.

Rooftop SPP applications are among the most preferred systems for SPP investors at the moment. The cost of electricity constitutes a serious expense item for high consumption businesses. Roof SPP applications are the most convenient method to eliminate this item.

We provide a detailed offer report to GES investors before starting work. The content of the report includes materials to be used, anticipated DC power, financial analysis and amortization periods. Thanks to this report, the investor will clearly see the approximate energy it will generate and how many years the system will pay back for itself.

We invite everyone to meet with Güneş.

Solar energy installed in our country is 6,8 GW. This corresponds to 7,07% of all generation plants. Turkey's goal in 2023 to 15 GW installed a solar power plant by removing, to form part of the 10% of the installed power generation plants.

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