Belt and Road Project Becomes 'Life Path'

generation and road project has become the lifeline
generation and road project has become the lifeline

The 2021 Boao Asian Forum (BFA) with the theme "Strengthening Global Governance, Advancing Belt and Road" ended in Bo'ao, China's Hainan province. The parties called for strengthening cooperation and multilateralism. Organized with the participation of more than 15 people, including the leaders of 500 countries, representatives of international organizations, officials of about 100 of the world's 4 giant companies, and relevant experts, the forum, where the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, strengthening global governance, protecting multilateralism, consolidating international cooperation and the world economy A number of issues were discussed, including animation.

At the press conference BFA General Secretary Li Baodong said, “Despite the effects of the epidemic, the trade volume between China and the countries along the Belt and Road route continues to increase. Belt and Road has become an important 'Life Path'. In this way, vital materials used in combating the epidemic are sent to the relevant countries. On the other hand, cooperation in the field of financing with the countries on the route is also being strengthened. Through the Belt and Road initiative, the economic development plans of the relevant countries are interlocked. " he spoke.

2021 is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of BFA. Li Baodong stated that the forum has played an important role in strengthening the solidarity between Asian countries, accelerating the development of Asian countries, protecting multilateralism and ensuring peace and development in the world in the last 20 years.

Li also commented on the Chinese and US Business Operators Dialogue held during the forum. Emphasizing that this year's dialogue meeting is longer in terms of duration and strengthens the connections, Li said that issues such as resolving trade disputes between the two countries, revealing the potential for cooperation, and the healthy advancement of economic and commercial relations were discussed at the meeting.

“According to the operators of the two countries, breaking the economic ties between China and the US will not benefit anyone and will do great harm to the world economy. "Only cooperation can bring a good future" he said.

Source: China International Radio

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