Innovative Solutions from Schunk for the Automation of the Future

Innovative solutions from schunk for the automation of the future
Innovative solutions from schunk for the automation of the future

📩 26/04/2021 12:09

Germany-based company as a worldwide operating in more than 50 countries Schunk technology pioneer, the power in the world market since 2007, continues to target growing with each passing day road show in Turkey. Schunk Schunk selected in 2015 by the global epicenter of the Middle East, Turkey, the share of at least 5 years in doubling its current headquarters and the organization aims to increase about 10 percent in 65 years. "The toolholder and workpiece clamping systems' and 'automation', including two main business areas located Schunk Turkey, aviation, especially the automotive industry, defense industry, providing added value to numerous industries such as plastics.

A world leader in robotic automation equipment, CNC machine workpiece clamping systems and tool holders, Schunk was founded in 1945 by Friedrich Schunk as a family business. As a company based in Stuttgart, Germany, operating in more than 50 countries around the world, Schunk has more than 9 employees in 35 factories and 3 country companies. Schunk Turkey entering the market in 500, the power of technology in the world market as a leading brand in Turkey was also reflected in a short time. Each year, providing an average growth of 2007 percent Schunk Turkey, show that the global epicenter of the Middle East in 30 by Schunk was chosen due to this success. The coming period, Turkey organizations to further expanding more and more companies aiming to be able to add value with innovative products and solutions Schunk Turkey, 2015 years in the current organization of at least doubling, and its share in the headquarters of the aims is about to increase 5 percent in 10 years.

Competent leader of workpiece clamping systems and tool holders

Offering solutions to many sectors such as aviation, defense industry and plastics, especially automotive sub-industry, Schunk has two main fields of activity: "tool holder and workpiece clamping systems" and "automation". In tool holder and work piece clamping systems; There are tool holders, lathe chucks, chuck jaws, fixed workpiece clamping systems, quick pallet change systems, magnetic tables, magnetic levers and special hydraulic expansion technology products. In automation systems, there are robot hands, grippers (grippers), rotary modules, linear axes, robot accessories, modular assembly technology and modular robotic products.

The company selling the highest rate of grippers to robot companies in the world

Worldwide attention as the robot company to company Schunk gripper that performs at the highest rate of sales, while in Turkey's total market automatic tool changer that some of the most widely used brand position. Being the market leader in magnetic table and hydraulic tool holder in the field of machining, Schunk; It offers many innovative products and solutions under the categories of smart grippers, robotic leveling equipment for deburring, sanding and grinding applications, plug & play and adhesive holders.

Ideal solutions for every application from Schunk

Smart grippers in Schunk's product group; It provides position, speed and force control of gripper jaws and these products work with Profinet, EtherCat, Profibus and CAN communication interfaces. This technology; It was created by the combination of integrated motor and control technology and the long-lasting, powerful and high precision structure of Schunk holders. Robotic leveling equipment used for deburring, sanding and grinding applications, on the other hand, can be integrated into robotic solutions faster, as they are difficult, dirty and threatening applications in many sectors. The potential market for this product is quite high in Turkey.

At the same time, being the first producer of plug & play product group in the world, Schunk It offers a wide range of products from gripper to tool changing, from sensors that measure force and torque to collaborative and light robots. Specially adjusted mechanical interfaces and adapters in this product group make it possible to combine and replace all modules in a short time. In this way, it becomes suitable for newcomers to automation and appeals to professionals in many sectors such as metalworking, automotive, electronics and so on. Adheso holders, on the other hand, ensure that parts with smooth and smooth surfaces are transported without leaving permanent stress on them in clean working environments and providing energy efficiency. This product; mostly preferred in electronics, food, medical and textile industries.

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