Total Closure Decision Increased One-Way Ticket Searches by 93 Percent!

full closure decisions increased single direction calls by percentage
full closure decisions increased single direction calls by percentage

President Erdogan's decisions after the meeting of the Council of Ministers on the full closure and intercity travel restrictions prompted those who want to change cities to search for tickets online before the upcoming Ramadan Festival. Stating that there was a serious increase in ticket searches from Enuygun with the announcement of the decision, Hacıbayramoğlu said, “With the announcements made, flight ticket searches from Enuygun increased 6,5 times, bus ticket searches increased 15 times. 93% of those who bought flight tickets preferred one-way tickets ”.

Hacıbayramoğlu stated that those who want to go to their hometown, summer house or with their families speeded up their searches to travel before April 29, when the intercity travel will be subject to special permission, and said, “With the full closing statements, the searches made in Enuygun are 6,5 times, bus ticket searches are 15 times. times increased. Izmir, Istanbul, Van, Diyarbakır were the cities with the highest number of ticket searches in the plane ticket, and Ankara, Istanbul, Van, Izmir and Adana in the bus ticket. 93% of those who bought tickets for these days preferred to buy one-way tickets and 87% preferred to buy a single ticket. The number of people who prefer the Ticket Cancellation Assurance, where you can cancel your ticket unconditionally, has doubled ”.

What to do with hotel and flight reservations

Those who have previously purchased airline tickets from Enuygun for the period from the evening of April 29 to the morning of May 17 can take action according to the new conditions set by the airlines. According to the circular of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, those who have a hotel reservation will not be exempt from the travel restriction. Those who have mandatory conditions for travel will be able to stay in a hotel.

Who will be able to travel between cities

According to the full closing decision that will start on the evening of April 29, intercity travels will be subject to special permission. They will come to that city and return to their place of residence within the last 5 days, and intercity travel will not be allowed except for special cases such as those who are discharged after hospital treatment. Travel Permit Certificate can be obtained via Alo 199 or e-Government.

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