Formula 1 is back at Intercity Istanbul Park

formula returns to intercity istanbul park again
formula returns to intercity istanbul park again

Formula 1TM, the world's most important motor sports organization, is returning to Intercity Istanbul Park as part of its 2021 calendar. Following the agreement signed by Intercity Istanbul Park with Formula 1TM management, the eyes of the whole world will be on Istanbul again in the organization to be held under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey on June 11 - 12 - 13.

The organization, which was brought back to our country by Intercity Istanbul Park after a 2020-year hiatus in 9, won the title of 'Best Race of the Year' in the official survey organized by Formula 1TM with the race held in November.

Formula 1TM, the world's most important motorsports organization, will be held at Intercity Istanbul Park on June 11-12-13. Reaching billions of viewers and having an invaluable value in promotional activities of countries, Formula 1TM was brought to our country last year. With the worldwide following of the race with great interest, the praise of the pilots and the teams about Turkey, and the intense efforts of Intercity Istanbul Park, our country will host Formula 1 this year.

Reminding that the task of bringing Formula 1TM races back to Turkey was given to Intercity Istanbul Park by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, Intercity Chairman Vural Ak said, “As you know, we brought Formula 1TM, one of the biggest sports organizations in the world, to our country last year. Formula 1TM management and all race fans were very pleased with the organization. The Turkish Grand Prix 2020 was chosen as the best Formula 1TM race of the year. Our contacts with Formula 2021TM management for 1 have yielded results and we brought this important organization back to Turkey. "We will prepare very well for this great excitement in Intercity Istanbul Park and continue to introduce Istanbul to the world as it deserves."

Our 2021 race is a harbinger of a long-term summary for Turkey.

Stating that they agreed with Formula 1TM management for 2021, Intercity Chairman Vural Ak said that this agreement is a key for Turkey to be permanently included in the race calendar. Ak said, “We, as Intercity, completed this agreement by undertaking all responsibilities ourselves, without burdening our state. "This agreement, which we have realized in this difficult period that the whole world is in, is also a harbinger of a long-term contract for Turkey."

Ticket sales will be clarified according to the course of the pandemic

Of course, ticket sales are at the top of the issues that all race fans are curious about. Commenting on the subject, Vural Ak said: “We have one of the most exciting tracks in the world, and we very much want our people and our foreign guests to share this excitement. Thanks to the pandemic measures and studies taken by our government, we plan to put the tickets on sale as soon as possible. When we look at the date of the race, we think that foreign guests who will visit our country for the race will also contribute to tourism. "The Formula 1TM organization, in which even the racing teams contribute millions of dollars to our economy, will allow a significant foreign exchange inflow with the arrival of foreign audiences.

  • 1 billion viewers follow Formula 2 races
  • Countries from 1 different continents host Formula 5TM races.
  • It has approximately 2 billion viewers annually.
  • It is broadcast in 200 countries and more than 250 channels.
  • A total of 10 teams compete in the races.
  • Intercity Istanbul Park will be the 2021th race of the 7 calendar.

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