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Fliqa site is the most comprehensive in our country work equipment is one of the company. You can find the most preferred products of the most important brands preferred by the world on the Fliqa site. You can find all the products you need on the Fliqa website to make your working environment healthier and safer. Thousands of products offered for sale in different categories are the best quality and safest products produced in world standards.

Dust house gas masks

Some work areas contain heavy dust, gases and chemicals. In order to be protected from such external effects, employees are required to wear dust or gas masks. People working in such environments should always be using the highest quality products. Because the fact that they take these harmful substances into their bodies through the respiratory tract shows that they will be exposed to great risks in terms of health. In order to prevent this and to work efficiently in a healthier environment, it is necessary to use a mask.

You can get all the dust and gas mask products of the best brands of the world by online shopping method from Fliqa site.

Respirator filters

People who have to work using dust or gas masks should use the best quality mask types. It is a very important detail to change the filters of the masks at certain intervals in the use of masks. Respirator filters On the Fliqa site, a wide variety of products and the most affordable prices are offered to you.

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