What is Fintech? What are the Effects on the Finance Sector? What can be done?

What is fintech? What are its effects on the finance sector? What can be done?
What is fintech? What are its effects on the finance sector? What can be done?

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As the name suggests, FinTech, which means Financial Technology, blends the finance sector with the technology sector, resulting in an advanced banking system where traditional financial transactions can be made through technological hardware and software. With FinTech, whose main purpose is to make financial transactions faster and more practical, it is possible to perform dozens of different banking transactions in seconds without going to a branch. Thus, both the life of the customers becomes easier and the workload of the personnel is also reduced.

FinTech entrepreneurs, working to strengthen the bonds of banks with technology, contribute to the acceleration of this process by generating new ideas. Thus, these entrepreneurs, who receive more investments, mediate the business world to undergo more and more radical changes with each passing day. Not only does it provide benefits for private banks and customers, FinTech also benefits the public in line with its objectives of recording the informal economy and including those who have not yet joined the financial sector in the financial sector.

What Can Be Done Through FinTech?

Among the increasingly diverse technological finance transactions with the contribution of the FinTech entrepreneurs, there are different transactions that are less known and appealing to more institutions, apart from the services widely used by many people. It is possible to list them as follows:

  • Mobile payment technology
  • Money transfer from person to person
  • Sohbet customer support with bots
  • Contactless payment feature
  • Increased security with fingerprint, eye and face recognition
  • Portfolio management with artificial intelligence support
  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain formations

In addition to all these, the InsurTech concept, which aims to bring insurance and technology together, similar to FinTech, succeeds in making your life easier by integrating technological developments into the field of insurance.

What are the Effects of FinTech in the Finance World?

Although the importance of the fintech ecosystem and the FinTech entrepreneurs that feed this ecosystem have been understood, there is still a need for healthy guidance and sufficient investments for startups. Today, FinTech, which has led to radical changes in the financial sector from virtual currencies to contactless payments, can become more secure while implementing these and similar ideas as it continues to be supported.

What Do Fintech Companies Do?

The term FinTech refers to companies that combine technology with innovative business models that make the financial services industry more accessible. The main purpose of the applications within the concept of fintech is to provide financial services faster, better and at lower cost.

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