Statement by TCDD to the News 'Fearful Moments at Eskişehir Ankara YHT'

moments of fear in the high-speed train of eskisehir ankara
moments of fear in the high-speed train of eskisehir ankara

The High Speed ​​Train, which went from Eskişehir to Ankara, entered the wrong way at 18.10 yesterday evening, and the news came from the Turkish State Railways (TCDD).

The statement made by TCDD is as follows; The news taken from Istikbal Newspaper dated April 20.04.2021, 18 on 2021, on your website; It was published with the title "Fearful Moments in Eskişehir-Ankara High Speed ​​Train" regarding the high-speed train number 16.04.2021 departing from Eskişehir to Ankara at 18.10 hours on 81074. It has been deemed necessary to make the following explanation regarding the allegations in order to use our right to reply and to inform the public correctly;

In the related news; There have been allegations that do not reflect the truth that the high-speed train, which carried out the trip, passed through a defective switch due to a signaling error, diverted to Konya instead of Ankara and traveled about 40 kilometers on this road and maneuvered back to avoid colliding with the train coming from Konya.

Regarding the allegations in question;

• At 18.30, a temporary malfunction occurred at the switches in the Polatlı region, which separates Ankara from Konya, due to the energy fluctuation caused by the city network.
• The high-speed train departing from Eskişehir at 18.10 was maneuvered at the Polatlı road junction in order not to wait at the broken switches, and therefore a delay of 12 minutes was experienced at the trip.
• With the intervention of the maintenance units in the field, the malfunction was resolved at 19.00.
• Since the operation is completely under the control of the YHT Traffic Management Center and with a signaling system, no accident hazard has occurred.


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