Digital Transformation in Energy Has Started

digital transformation in energy has begun
digital transformation in energy has begun

📩 26/04/2021 14:57

Companies that want to maximize energy efficiency and perform preventive and predictive maintenance are entering the world of digital transformation with the KIO (Klemsan Internet Objects) IoT platform.

KIO (Klemsan Internet Objects), developed by Klemsan R&D department, has been offering IoT solutions, especially energy efficiency, to its customers since 2017.

Nowadays, where the importance of energy efficiency is increasing, companies are also looking for solutions in this area. KIO provides companies with a prescription in this area, allowing companies to carry out efficiency projects in their businesses, especially energy saving.


KIO software, which provides end-to-end digital energy management of companies, offers a brand-independent solution. The addition of various brands and models of devices in the field to the system increases interoperability and scalability capability. Using the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure, KIO provides integration with third party software.


KIO, which can be used in many different sectors and facilities, offers package solutions to businesses. Since the needs of every business are different, KIO solutions also differ. Offering solutions to different needs from production facilities to the health sector, from tourism to education, from chain stores to office buildings, KIO also offers customized solutions to businesses with specific needs.

When comparing consumption between departments in a factory, the unit cost can be calculated over the number of overnight stays in a hotel. While the energy consumption points of a hospital are gathered under a single roof, temperature and humidity information in a cold storage chain can be followed.


By 2021, KIO software, which provides solutions to 110 companies in the field of digitalization of energy, responds quickly and with high quality to the needs of its customers with various technology and solution partners.

Döktaş Dökümcülük, Akka Hotels, Medicana Hospitals, Burger King China, Mavibahçe AVM İzmir are among the customers from different sectors where KIO is used.

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