EGİAD Runs with the Route of Sustainability

egiad ran the route of sustainability
egiad ran the route of sustainability

Acting within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in order to increase the awareness and impact of the business world on sustainable development, EGİAD Aegean Young Business People Association ran in Izmir Marathon this time with the theme of “Sustainability”. Next to 1250 athletes EGİAD The theme of “We run for a sustainable world” was emphasized in the race attended by the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors. During the marathon, the surrounding plastic waste was collected, and the top three athletes were given mugs produced by recycling. On the run EGİAD Member businessman Alper Tutak came in 10th in the 40 km 44-38 age category with 17 minutes 4 seconds.

EGİAD, By taking the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into its charter, formalizing its activities in this field. EGİADBy adopting the principles of "Eliminating poverty, protecting our planet, dealing with economic inequality, supporting industrialization, technological progress and responsible production, balancing sustainable consumption and ensuring that all people live in peace and prosperity", it has succeeded to set an example by recommending its members to act in accordance with these objectives. In this context, giving the signal that they will carry out various activities during the 2-year period during the management EGİAD President Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer and his team ran for Sustainability this time.

Taking part in the race where its environmentalist mission was reflected in the award EGİAD President Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer stated that using 17 articles including UN Sustainability as a milestone in Maraton-İzmir has a great meaning and said, “We ran for the international development goals of the United Nations. Maratonİzmir has become one of the most important brands of our city. It is a pride to take part in the Izmir Marathon, which will be among the few marathons in the world with its quality. We too EGİAD We ran for an important goal. It was very meaningful that it was realized with the theme of sustainability. EGİAD Ş., we made our Sustainability route this period. Our aim is to focus on economic growth that will make our society prosperous, and also to ensure social development, without harming the environment. We think that the concept of sustainability is important for increasing the quality of health, life and education. By supporting social development, we can achieve the goal of a more livable world. Our member Alper Tutak received a degree, which made us all proud. " said.

Awarded by participating in the Runatolia Marathon, which is a resource development method used to support non-governmental organizations in the world in the previous periods. EGİAD Its President, Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, EGİAD Vice Chairman Cem Demirci, Board Member Müge Şahin, EGİAD Broadcasting Team Member Hakan Barbak, EGİAD Former Term President Aydın Buğra İlter, Past Vice Chairman Feyzi Kaya, EGİAD Its members, Alper Tutak, Özer Öztürk, Barış Kaptanoğlu and Onur Kanıer, this time sweated for the Sustainability Route. The race started at 08.00:10 from the Lausanne Square entrance on Şair Eşref Boulevard. Trophies made from recycled materials were given to the top three athletes in the general classification, in accordance with sustainability principles. In addition, the general classification champions in the marathon distance, XNUMX thousand dollars prize money. kazanwas. The race was limited to a total of 19 people, including elite athletes, as part of the measures taken against the Covid-1250 epidemic. Jogging lovers who wished could also participate in the virtual marathon. After registering for the virtual marathon via and matching the account opened with the Adidas Running application, they could choose their run and run on the track they wished.

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