The world's first premium SUV Lexus RX, Enterprise Fleet in Turkey

world's first premium SUV Lexus RX enterprise turkey in the fleet
world's first premium SUV Lexus RX enterprise turkey in the fleet

The world's largest car rental company, Enterprise Rent A Car Enterprise Turkey's main franchise owner, premium automobile manufacturer has signed an important cooperation with the Lexus. Aiming to offer new alternatives for executives using rental cars and customers who prefer comfort and luxury in their rental vehicles, Enterprise has added the world's first premium SUV, the Lexus RX 300, to its fleet.

Lexus Dolmabahçe in the assessment on the subject in the delivery ceremony held at the showroom Enterprise Turkey CEO Özarslan Tang "vehicles than any other rental fleet in Turkey deneyimletiy our customers and we closely monitor new vehicle technologies. Finally, we are very happy to be bringing the world's first Premium SUV RX, owned by the luxury car brand Lexus, to our customers. "Our fleet is stronger now with Lexus RXs that offer high level of comfort and technology together."

Enterprise happy with was that expresses the Lexus because they signed a cooperation Turkey Director Selim Okutur "Lexus as a brand in Turkey with each passing day more and more users, we continue to meet the quality and brand of our high service philosophy of Lexus models. We made a quick start to 2021 and continue to grow by breaking sales records. Thanks to this important collaboration with Enterprise, which is one of the leading companies in its field, we aim for more customers to experience and feel our quality. "We are confident in our cars that users who will be introduced to Lexus models for the first time will be extremely pleased with this experience."

"Our fleet has grown by 30 percent, our office number has increased to 71"

Özarslan Tangün stated that they added the SUV model RX of Lexus to their fleet in the first place and reached an agreement for the Lexus ES Hybrid model. “From the beginning of the pandemic, we have always worked on how we can serve people better. Our options such as disinfecting each of our vehicles before being delivered to the customer and delivery to the address were the priority steps we took. With the travel restrictions, we expanded our offices in the city and closely responded to the needs of the users. In this direction, we opened 14 new offices last year, increasing our number of offices to 71. While doing all these, we continued to increase and diversify the number of vehicles in our fleet. Our fleet has grown by 30 percent compared to last year. Enterprise as Turkey, next to the car suitable for every budget, from electric and hybrid vehicles and premium-priced vehicles until we have a wide range of rental options. deneyimletiy our customers without any other vehicles in the rental fleet in Turkey, we closely monitor new vehicle technologies. Finally, we are delighted to be bringing the RX model, the world's first Premium SUV from Lexus, to our customers. Our fleet is now stronger with the Lexus RXs that offer high level of comfort and technology together, ”he said.

Lexus comfort in car rental

One of the most preferred models of the Lexus RX SUV brand in Turkey Lexus's top-level craftsmanship, brings comfort and quality to the SUV segment. Introduced for the first time in 1998 as the world's first luxury SUV, the RX continues to be the brand's top-selling model worldwide, strengthening its position with each generation.

Attracting attention at first sight with its striking designs, the biggest difference of the Lexus RX is complemented by the high-level passenger comfort, workmanship and new generation vehicle technologies in the cabin. Inside the Lexus RX cabin, a 12,3-inch touchscreen multimedia screen, wireless charging, smartphone integration for Apple and Android phones, and nanoe ™ air conditioning effective against viruses and bacteria, while meeting the technology needs of drivers, specially crafted heated and ventilated leather seats bring the travel comfort to the highest level.

The Lexus RX 300, which joined the Enterprise's fleet, offers high handling, performance, comfort and luxury in all conditions with its 238 liter turbo engine producing 2.0 HP power and 4 × 4 driving.

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