DHMİ Aviation Academy Trained 3492 People in Three Months

Three Months of Person Training Given at DHMI Aviation Academy
Three Months of Person Training Given at DHMI Aviation Academy

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure DHMİ Aviation Academy trained 2021 people in the first three months of 3492.

A total of 2021 training activities, including distance learning, face-to-face and on-the-job training, were carried out at the Academy between January and March 176.

Despite the continuing Kovid-19 epidemic, training activities continue uninterruptedly at the Academy, which meticulously fulfills the necessary conditions.

Due to the risks of face-to-face training during the epidemic process, distance education activities were prioritized and accelerated. In the few face-to-face training programs that continue due to compulsory situations, maximum attention is paid to mask, distance and cleaning rules.

Certificates were given to 3015 personnel who successfully completed the trainings by DHMI. 107 personnel are entitled to receive certificates as a result of the training they received from outside the institution. kazanwas. Thus, the total number of students who received certificates became 3122.

Since the day the distance education activities started, approximately 1.358.599,02-TL has been saved.

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