Attention To Heart Muscle Diseases After Covid-19!

attention to heart muscle diseases after covid
attention to heart muscle diseases after covid

3/1 of deaths caused by coronavirus occur due to heart-related causes. Covid-19 virus, which can cause direct damage to the heart and cause various problems, can also aggravate existing heart diseases.

People who survive Covid-19 disease, which causes myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) by settling in the heart muscle, increases the risk of facing a heart muscle disease called myocardiopathy in the future. Prof. Dr. Ali Oto gave information about the effect of Covid-19 virus on heart diseases and the precautions to be taken.

Suppressed immunity increases the likelihood of getting sick

Heart diseases alone do not increase the risk of getting coronavirus if patients do not have immunosuppressive conditions. However, patients with severe heart disease such as heart failure and suppressed immune systems in diabetic patient groups increase the possibility of getting coronavirus. However, in the case of coronavirus, the presence of underlying heart disease (Hypertension, Coronary Heart Disease, Heart Failure, Severe Heart Valve Diseases, Severe Congenital Heart Diseases) and diabetes may cause the disease to be severe and sometimes fatal.

One-third of deaths from coronavirus occur due to heart-related causes.

Although Covid-19 infection is seen as a respiratory disease, basically one third of deaths caused by coronavirus occur due to heart-related causes. These deaths are mostly caused by either a serious rhythm disorder or the loss of pump power of the heart due to severe damage to the heart. Therefore, cardiac deaths are at the forefront in intensive care units.

Coronavirus increases the risk of heart attack by causing clotting

The Covid-19 virus itself basically keeps the vein covering the inner side of the vein widely. Therefore, this virus can cause serious problems wherever there is a vein. The most important problem caused by the virus is that it causes intravenous coagulation. While this situation forms the basis of involvement in the lungs on the one hand, it appears as a factor that facilitates heart attack on the other hand.

It causes existing heart diseases to worsen

The second effect of Covid-19, which affects cardiovascular health, is that it aggravates existing heart diseases. In patients with a mild coronary disease, it causes the plates inside the vessels that feed the heart to rupture, the formation of clots on the plates and a heart attack. Sometimes the first symptom can be a heart attack. In addition, it causes all kinds of vascular occlusion in the brain, kidneys and lungs.

Coronavirus causes heart muscle inflammation

Covid -19 virus can also contain the heart muscle itself and its membranes. Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) occurs as a result of the coronavirus, which causes very severe damage when the heart holds, settles in the myocardium (heart muscle) and causes disease. Under normal conditions, self-limiting myocarditis can sometimes be very severe and cause serious damage in coronavirus patients. However, it can also lead to a long-term disabling condition called cardiomyopathy that disrupts the contractile function of the heart.

What may coronavirus survivors encounter in the future?

"What awaits patients with myocarditis in the future?" The question is among the most important issues. Although it is not currently known what patients who survive the coronavirus will encounter in the future, there is a possible future tsunami expectation regarding this issue. In people who survive the coronavirus, myocardiopathy may occur in the middle and long term, and the possibility of developing heart failure may have bad consequences.

The contraction force of the heart may be disrupted after coronavirus

It can be seen that the disease leaves traces in the heart and lungs, especially in young and symptomatic patients who have survived the coronavirus. In these patients, the contraction force of the heart can be seriously impaired after coronavirus. In addition to these scars, the presence of other conditions such as hypertension and diabetes constitute the factors that may cause the cardiovascular system to be more affected.

Keep using your heart and blood pressure medications.

Patients with Covid-19 should never stop taking medications for heart disease and blood pressure, and continue their treatment very carefully and as recommended by their doctors. According to current studies; It is believed that any of the drugs used do not increase the risk of corona, but are very useful. At the same time, vaccination should not be avoided. Individuals with heart problems should be vaccinated to protect both themselves and their loved ones when their turn comes.

Do not be afraid to use coronavirus drugs

There is a public debate about whether or not some drugs used and recommended for the treatment of coronavirus can be used. Since these drugs are given under the supervision of a specialist, they do not have a negative effect. It is important not to be afraid of taking the medicines deemed appropriate by the physician and their regular use.

Be more careful about the mutated coronavirus

It is necessary to continue to be protected after coviding. This is a very critical issue. Because there is a possibility of reinfection after new mutant cases are seen. However, it is not clear how long the duration of immunity and how much immunity it leaves in everyone. All these reveal the necessity of protection even if the disease is passed.

Obesity due to pandemic becomes an important public health problem

During the pandemic period, a widespread tendency to become obese is observed with staying home, inactivity and unhealthy diet, and this situation negatively affects our patients. In addition, it should not be forgotten that obesity is the inviter of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. For this reason, during the pandemic, it is necessary to pay more attention to a healthy diet than usual and to act in the principles of protection from coronavirus (indoor exercises, walking in open air, not crowded places, etc.)

Suggestions that can be applied during the pandemic process are as follows:

  • Inactivity, excessive and malnutrition cause weight gain; weight gain also triggers some ailments by getting out of control of blood pressure and sugar. Not leaving the house too much changes the diet, but a healthy eating plan must be applied.
  • Those staying at home should definitely try to move. Movements can be done indoors or in non-crowded places. At least, outdoor walks should be done.
  • Failure to go to the hospital for fear of coronavirus in situations similar to a heart attack or before a heart attack worsens the situation and causes severe heart attacks. Those who have complaints such as chest pain, rhythm disturbances, and shortness of breath should apply to the hospital without wasting time.
  • People with an important heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure should not interfere with their doctor's controls.
  • Patients should continue to use the medication prescribed by their doctor.
  • Instead of using vitamin and mineral supplements, you should consume fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid skipping meals and create a diet that will not gain weight.

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