The Public Cost of Covid-19 Patients Has Reached 10 Billion TL

The cost of covid patients in the public amounted to billion TL
The cost of covid patients in the public amounted to billion TL

"Covidien-19 First-Year Pandemic Assessment" according to the report, the total cost of treatment of the public Covidien-19 patients in Turkey was around £ 10 billion. the crusade against the coronavirus in the world, Turkey also seen 19 cases of first-Covidien continues since March 11, 2020.

As we leave the first year behind the pandemic, ECONiX Research published a report titled “Covid-19 Pandemic First Year Assessment”. According to the report, deaths from Covid-110, in which more than 19 million people were caught in the world, exceeded 2,5 million. Worldwide case-fatality rate of 2,22% was recorded as 1,06% in Turkey. As of April 12, 2021 Turkey 9%, while the rate of vaccination of the population through disease or vaccine experts are predicting that the passing of one of every three people immunized. Another striking point in the report was the health expenditures made by our country during this period. The state has spent 3 billion TL for Covid-19 patients in the last year.

The 3rd country in Europe with the highest vaccination rate

In the report, which recorded a worldwide vaccination rate of 1% as of March 2021, 3,39, the highest vaccination rate on a continent basis was seen in North America with 13,82%, while Europe ranked second with 8,61%. Vaccination rates in other continents (South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania) remained below 5%. Although Turkey is not a country that continued domestic production of vaccine studies, after 12%, Serbia and the UK as of April 9 had the highest vaccination rate was the third European country. It was noteworthy that this rate is above the world and European average.

"Turkey can become immune to the 33,78% of the population"

econix who headed the research team Guvench Koçkaya, from reports issued share their assessment of the motion was Turkey's case statements. Koçkaya said, “Unfortunately, we see that cases and deaths are increasing worldwide. The period when these rates were highest was recorded as January 2021. Turkey in the course of the day, the highest mortality rate was observed in May 2020, a decline from the month of October 2020. Although the daily mortality rates seem to be in balance as of 2021, there is a certain increase now. On the other hand, the observed mortality rate of deaths throughout the world in Turkey, we have found that up to half. When we look at possible Covid-19 cases, we predict that the current official number of cases is 19% of possible Covid-13,53 patients who have not been diagnosed. According to the severity of the case said that 33,78% of Turkey's population changed and become immune to the disease transmission by vaccination, "he said.

29 thousand 332 TL was spent per patient in intensive care

According to the report titled "Covid-19 Pandemic First Year Assessment", for Covid-19, 411 TL was spent per outpatient, 15 thousand 424 TL for an inpatient and 29 thousand 332 TL per intensive care patient. Dr. Gülpembe Oğuzhan said, “According to our calculations, the SGK, which made a total of 2020 billion TL health expenditure in 100,3, spends approximately 19 billion TL less than the health budget, despite the additional Covid-22 expenditures. It can be said that the decrease in hospital admissions of individuals with chronic diseases is particularly effective in this table ”. According to the report, hospital applications decreased by 35,2% and the number of prescriptions decreased by 14,8% compared to the previous year.

Pharmaceutical spending increased by 18,7%

ECONiX Research's report also focused on the budgets allocated for pharmaceutical expenditures and health services in the last year. Professor of the research team. Dr. Hardworking Victory "Turkey drug spending in 2020 to £ 48,3 billion, £ 52,4 billion budget allocated to health services. There was an 18,7% increase in pharmaceutical expenditures compared to the previous year, and a 0,1% increase in healthcare expenditures. said.

It was stated in the report that the increase in healthcare expenditures did not originate from university and state hospitals serving in the pandemic. Accordingly, while the average expenditure in university and state hospitals decreased by 4,2%, it increased by 18,7% in private hospitals. Dr. About these figures, Koçkaya said, “Since many patients go to private hospitals for treatment due to the public hospitals serving as pandemic hospitals, the number of applications to private hospitals has increased. It can be said that the private hospital sector, which has stated with the non-governmental organizations that it suffered major problems at the beginning of the pandemic, received a higher share from the SGK budget last year compared to the previous year. " said.



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