Total Closure Will Create Doping Effect In Online Trade

Total Closure Will Create Doping Effect In Online Trade
Total Closure Will Create Doping Effect In Online Trade

Within the scope of coronavirus measures in Turkey, full closure measures will begin to be implemented between 29 April and 17 May. In this process, online shopping needs are expected to increase exponentially.

Paymes Co-Founder Hasan Jabbarov states that they estimate that social trade exchanges will increase 20 times during the 10-day full closure process. "The coincidence of Mother's Day in the closing process reinforces this expectation." Saying Hasan Jabbarov; “Social commerce has had a significant upward trend since 2017. The pandemic allows this trend to increase exponentially. As Paymes, we are able to close our turnover with an increase of 14% even on a day without any special days or special offers. These figures show that social trade will break a record in the next 20 days, and that growth forecasts will turn upside down again in a short time. says.

The fact that the coronavirus measures, which are effective in the growth of social trade in 2020, will increase intensely in Turkey between April 29 and May 17 indicates that the growth of the market in Turkey will increase. According to the “Digital 2021 report prepared by We Are Social and Hootsuite; While there are 65.8 million internet users in Turkey, 60 million of them actively use social media. Turkish users who spend an average of 7 hours and 57 minutes on the internet a day spend 2 hours and 57 minutes on social media platforms.

"Closure shopping will support social trade sellers economically"

Stating that they anticipate that the time spent on social media will increase with the complete closure, Paymes Co-Founder Hasan Jabbarov said: “Being at home for 20 days will trigger us to spend more time on social media where we spend most of our time. In this process, we will make our purchases on social media platforms with the ease provided by social commerce. Especially when Mother's Day coincides with this process, it will create a doping effect in social trade. This increase will actually enable social media sellers to survive economically in this process. We will also be able to offer collective support to the family economies as a society by shopping from these platforms, mostly of individual vendors. As Paymes, we will support safe and fast shopping in a 20-day process by enabling users to complete their payment transactions in as little as 20 seconds. " says.

Social commerce, which has become popular in recent years, continues to change shopping preferences and methods. During the pandemic period, social trade outputs increased significantly compared to the previous year. This increase significantly differentiated the future growth forecasts of the market. Within the framework of changing growth expectations, the market is expected to reach 2027 billion dollars in 604,5.

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