Cleaning Work in Shipwrecks on Main Arteries in Bursa

cleaning work in the indentations on the main arteries in the bursa
cleaning work in the indentations on the main arteries in the bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Urban Aesthetics Branch Directorate teams turned the restrictions of full closure into an opportunity and started cleaning work on the sunken ships on the main arteries.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which makes an intense effort to make Bursa an aesthetic city, spends a lot of time to prevent visual pollution on the streets and streets. As part of the fight against the pandemic, the teams of the Urban Aesthetics Branch Office, which turned the number of vehicles on the traffic to an opportunity with the complete closure, planned to clean the 13 sunken ships in the main arteries during the prohibitions. In the first phase of the night work, the wreck at 6 points on the Izmir Road and Mudanya road, and the second phase, the wreck at 7 points on the Ankara road, will be cleaned.

Within the scope of the cleaning works, the tube passage walls and auto barriers are cleaned with the work that starts at midnight and lasts until the first lights of the morning.

The work, accompanied by a team of 15 people and 2 pressure wall washing vehicles, 1 barrier washing vehicle, 1 vacuum road sweeper, 1 water tanker, 1 basket crane, 2 road closure vehicles, started at the Orhaneli Junction. It is aimed to clean all sunken ships until Eid al-Fitr.

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