CIOs Accelerate Digital Transformation

Workers speed up digital conversion
Workers speed up digital conversion

In digital transformation, which is the new definition of productivity in production, the Chief Information Officer (CIO), namely the Chief Information Officer, has an important role. Indicating that CIOs are accelerating the digital transformation processes of businesses, Rockwell Automation Senior Vice President, Chief Digital & Information Officer Chris Nardecchia, a global leader in industrial automation and digital transformation, a pro-transformation CIO, can bring C-level leaders together around digital strategies, facilitate change across the organization, innovation and it can use new and proven technologies for fast response times.

The world leader in industrial automation, Rockwell Automation Senior Vice President, Chief Digital & Information Officer Chris Nardecchia, reminding that CIOs play an important role in the digital transformation of businesses; He says he is well placed to lead digital transformation and design business models that provide deeper insights.

“CEOs are also starting to focus on some of the hurdles CIOs can solve”

Stating that CIOs are at the center of the process of convergence of operations technologies (OT) and information technologies (IT), Chris Nardecchia said, “CIOs probably led many projects across the organization, such as the timely transition of the enterprise to ERP. With new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning, robotics, automation, virtual and augmented reality, CIOs can again deliver and scale transformation. Just a few years ago, digital transformation technologies entered a rapid growth phase without answers to some important gaps. Now these technologies are evolving into systems that will work almost at the push of a button, while CEOs can solve CIOs; "How can I ensure the security of my data, how can I scale the transformation from the concept or pilot phase, are our employees and our corporate culture ready for transformation?"

Increases efficiency by combining the imagination of people with the potential of machines

“It is not technology that limits us, but our imagination, our culture, corporate alignment and corporate inertia,” said Chris Nardecchia, “In order to successfully scale digital transformation, these barriers must be overcome. Now every company is also a technology. CIOs, like other C-suite executives, have to ensure the continuity of operations in these companies and meet their turnover and growth targets. All companies should use the power of data. However, although some companies are quite rich in data, they cannot gain insight from this data. At Rockwell Automation, we specialize in expanding human possibilities using the power of data. Our job; combining the imagination of people with the potential of machines, making them smarter, more connected and more efficient. Although it is thought that digital transformation provides the greatest contribution to the user, it also brings a great transformation, value and benefit for the company employees ”.

"For success, you need to gain insight by handling large-scale data"

Emphasizing that CIOs provide perspectives for both employees and customers, Chris Nardecchia says we need to balance both perspectives to take full advantage of the industrial revolution. The pandemic has accelerated the transition to the cloud, and now companies are trying to get connected, gain insight into the power of data, make growth and profitability decisions with that data, and even make sustainability and energy management. The most innovative businesses are using digital transformation to create new products and connect even better with customers. . The 'customer experience customization' trend, once seen mostly in retail, is now leading many industries. While CIOs and CEOs are at the center of this transformation, the mindset of senior executives and departments across the company also needs to change. Another main agenda of C-suite administrators is Connected Enterprise. The Connected Enterprise, which covers the real-time use of data throughout the enterprise, provides great benefits to the business. "

"These days we live are testing the intelligence of humans and machines"

Chris Nardecchia concludes: “The CIO is the person who will pioneer digital transformation practices and make use of them across the enterprise, the visionary commander of this transformation. These days we are testing the intelligence of humans and machines. With over 100 years of industrial experience, the basis of Rockwell Automation lies in our ability to improve the quality of life by making the world more efficient and sustainable. If you are a transformational CIO, your colleagues and employees will watch that you collaborate in digital transformation strategies, prioritize transformation in the organization, guide agile and flexible applications, and be at the forefront of the use of new technologies. Reducing internal friction by improving the employee experience with digital transformation will have a positive impact on your customer experience. "

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