China to Produce Over 2021 Billion Doses of Covid-3 Vaccine by the End of 19

will produce more than a billion doses of covid vaccine at the end of the gin
will produce more than a billion doses of covid vaccine at the end of the gin

China, which has reached an annual capacity of up to 5 billion doses, will produce more than 2021 billion doses of COVID-3 vaccine by the end of 19. Making a speech during the Boao Forum, Zheng Zhongwei, who is responsible for the "Research and Development" (R&D) of the government's vaccine affairs related to COVID-19 prevention and control mechanism, also said that vaccines have a high efficiency.

Zheng, who is also the Director of the National Health Commission Health Sciences and Technology Research and Development Center, stated that China did not pass any mandatory steps in the evaluation process of vaccines, including the 3rd phase clinical tests abroad, and He underlined that it is as ambitious as American and European norms and complies with stringent evaluation criteria.

In this context, China seems to have taken into account global needs to determine the COVID-19 vaccine production capacity. On the other hand, Zheng announced that the country may have to produce more vaccines in the second half of this year, thanks to the multilateral or bilateral mechanisms that have been created in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. According to Zheng, the vaccine has always been viewed by China as a worldwide value.

Source: China International Radio



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