Çilesiz Bus Stop is Renewed

The weak bus stop is being renewed
The weak bus stop is being renewed

In addition to the services and investments made throughout the city, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality started renovation works at Çilesiz Bus Stop, located next to the Governorship, which is used extensively by the citizens in the city. As part of the renovation works, the 65-meter-long stop will be made modern and safer.

Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Selahattin Gürkan examined the works carried out in Çilesiz Bus Station, where the works continue. President Gürkan gave information about the work done during the study tour and stated that the bus stop will be made modern and healthier. Mayor Gürkan said, “Renovation works started at Çilesiz Bus Stop, which is located next to the Governorship and which is the center of the city, in order to ensure that our citizens wait in a comfortable environment and provide access to public transportation vehicles without any trouble in all weather conditions. The Çilesiz bus stop, which is used by thousands of our fellow citizens every day, was an unsightly stop with its old and worn out form. In this context, the old and worn profiles, sheets, borders and keystones will be completely renewed within the scope of the works at the approximately 65-meter-long stall. In order to provide a safer and longer service to the existing station, basic anchorage operations have been started to create a steel frame.

After the anchoring operations, the vertical carrier elements that will form the steel frame are placed, and the manufacturing for the steel console continues. After the console fabrication is finished, the steel frame will be covered with aluminum composite material. The floor surface will also be covered with approximately 320 square meters of basalt material and will be made suitable for the use of all citizens, especially disabled citizens ".

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