Çilesiz Bus Stop Has Been Renovated and Put into Service

Cilesiz Bus Stop Has Been Renovated and Put into Service
Cilesiz Bus Stop Has Been Renovated and Put into Service

Renovation works carried out at Çilesiz Bus Station, which is one of the areas where the urban transportation network is used extensively in Malatya and where public transportation vehicles are organized, was completed and the stop was put at the service of the citizens.

In addition to the services and investments it has made, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality continues its renovation and arrangement works in areas that are used intensely by the citizens and where the traffic is intense.

Work has been completed at the 65-meter-long Çilesiz Bus Stop, next to the Governorship, where renovation works were initiated recently in order to provide a modern and safer service. The floor was covered and put into service at the stall where sheets, borders and keystones were renewed along with the aging and worn-out profiles.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, who made examinations at Çilesiz Bus Station where the renovation works were completed, stated that Çilesiz Bus Stop, which is used by thousands of citizens daily, has been made modern and more useful.

Mayor Gürkan, who received information about the works carried out during the inspection tour, sohbet and listened to the opinions of the citizens about the renewed state of the stop.

With the renovation work carried out at Çilesiz Bus Stop next to the Governorship, old photos of Malatya were added to the areas at the stop. While the citizens waiting at the stop stated that they were satisfied with the renovation works, they expressed that they also experienced nostalgia with old photos of Malatya.



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