Bursaray Signalization System Revision Second Phase Studies Completed

Bursaray signaling system revision second phase works have been completed
Bursaray signaling system revision second phase works have been completed

The second phase of Bursaray Signalization System Revision, which will reduce the waiting time of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in the rail system to 2 minutes and increase the capacity by 60 percent, has also been completed. The third phase, which covers the area between Small Industry and University, is planned to be commissioned in August.

In line with the goal of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to weave the city with iron nets, Bursaray Emek - City Hospital line, whose foundation was laid recently, and the T2 line, which is under construction, increased the rail system network of Bursa to 62 kilometers, on the other hand, efforts to increase the capacity in the existing lines continue rapidly. does. While this number reached 2003 million in 45 in BursaRay, which carried approximately 2019 million passengers in 95 when it was opened for operation, the Metropolitan Municipality commissioned the Signalization System Revision project in order to meet the constantly increasing demand in the existing line and to make transportation more comfortable. While the contract was signed with BBR for the project of approximately 9,5 million Euros, the work for the 2-minute series interval between the University and the Carbed was planned in 3 phases, and the work in the field was carried out only between 01.00:06.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX in order to disrupt the existing system. The first phase of the works was completed in October last year between Araba Yağları and Pasa Çiftliği.

Capacity increased by 31 percent

Time saving to citizens in the rail system kazanThe second phase of the project, which will continue to be built between Pasha Farm and Small Industry, was completed on March 21. While the third phase covering the Small Industry – University is planned to be commissioned in August, a significant capacity increase was achieved even with the completion of only two phases. Before the commissioning of Phase 1 and Phase 2, 07 delayed trips were made from Acemler to the University direction between 43:09 and 00:16. With the additional flights operated between Acemler and the University, 07 flights were started. Thus, the capacity increase from Acemler to the University direction was 43 percent.

In addition to increasing the number of additional flights to the west direction, there will be additional flights from Küçük Sanayi to Şehreküstü direction during rush hours in the morning. When the number of vehicles is sufficient and the tariff plan is operated for 7,5 minutes, not 6 minutes, 07 trips from the novice to the University will be possible between 43:09 - 00:26. Thus, the capacity increase from novices to the University direction will reach 62 percent. With the completion of the Phase 3 study, the waiting time at the stations will be reduced to 2 minutes.

Convenient transportation

Stating that the rail system planning in Bursa was made according to the population of 2000 million in the early 2s, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş noted that they saw 45 million in the annual number of passengers, which was 95 million when the system started. Stating that the interest in uninterrupted and comfortable transportation is constantly increasing with the population growth, President Aktaş said, “While the works on our new rail system lines continue, on the other hand, we make our existing lines more profitable. In the signaling revision work, which will shorten the waiting time at the stations and increase the capacity by 60 percent, the second phase has been completed after the first phase. With the additional flights, a 31 percent increase in capacity has already been achieved. Hopefully, when we finish the third phase in August, we will see that the waiting times have decreased to 2 minutes and the capacity has increased by 60 percent ”.

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