Bursa Doğanevler Junction Additional Arm Works Will Breathe Traffic

bursa doganevler intersection, additional arm work will breathe the traffic
bursa doganevler intersection, additional arm work will breathe the traffic

With the additional arm application added to the intersection in front of Yaseminpark Houses by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for vehicles that will turn left, the capacity in the intersection area has increased by 26 percent. Metropolitan teams, which continued their work during the weekend bans, made the traffic breathe in Doğanevler and Yıldızevler regions.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented significant investments in every field such as new roads, road widening, bridges and intersections, rail systems in order to minimize the problems caused by transportation and traffic in Bursa, continues to turn curfew restrictions into opportunities. While excavation filling, asphalt pavement, asphalt patch, border, traffic line, signalization and placarding works are carried out at 8 different points within the Department of Transportation, with 52 vehicles and a team of 108 people, a significant relief is provided in the course of traffic with small touches.

Capacity increased

An intensive work was initiated at the Doğanevler Junction, as the intensity of the vehicles returning from the junction in front of Yaseminpark Evleri to Doğanevler Quarter caused an important problem in the region due to the intensity created at the signalized junction. In the investigations made, the demand for returning from İnönü Street to Pınar Street and Doğanevler Mahallesi was high, especially during the peak hours of the day. It was determined that the signaling system was not working efficiently because the left turn pocket could not meet this demand. As a result of the determinations and field studies, a project that will allow vehicles turning left to make a "controlled turn" was prepared, a new branch was added to the intersection and its implementation in the field was completed. As a result of the arrangement, it was determined that the capacity in the intersection area increased by 26 percent compared to the previous situation.

Our teams are in the field

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş also examined the ongoing works at Doğanevler Junction on site. Mayor Aktaş, who received information about the works from Rüştü Şanlı, Head of Transportation Department, said that all teams performed a devoted work in the field in order to turn the weekend bans into an opportunity. Stating that a shelter pocket was added to the left of the northern branch of the intersection in order to meet the access and public transportation needs of the citizens living in Yıldızevler locality safely, Mayor Aktaş stated that safe access to Yıldızevler location was provided from both directions and said, “We expropriated approximately 500 thousand TL for the additional branch in Doğanevler Junction. In addition, approximately 970 thousand TL was spent for asphalt pavement, parquet and border manufacturing. With this study, we will eliminate an important problem in the region, ”he said.


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