Will A Full Closure Decision For The Month Of Ramadan Be Taken From The Cabinet Meeting To Be Held Today?

Will there be a full closure decision for the ramadan month from today's cabinet meeting?
Will there be a full closure decision for the ramadan month from today's cabinet meeting?

The remaining 24 thousand in Turkey was made 301 hours 68 Kovid-19 test, 54 thousand 562 people tested positive, 243 people lost their lives. Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca made a statement after the Coronavirus Scientific Committee Meeting held at the Bilkent Campus of the Ministry of Health.

Minister Koca reminded that they have published a map showing the case situations province by province since the beginning of March, “This map shows that the cases are on the rise everywhere. Our Kovid-19 risk map reveals that 80 percent of the population lives in cities with very high risk. At the moment, two important negative factors have joined forces against us, making it difficult for us to move faster. One of the factors is that we have become tired over time in the tension of uncertainty, the other negative factor is the new variants of the virus. “There are good reasons for tiredness,” he said.

"It Is A Fact That Mutants With Variants Make It Tough"

Minister Koca, saying that the variant means the virus that differed according to the original form it appeared, “It is a fact that the variants that have a high effect on the incidence increase and the mutants, which are a more seriously changed form of the virus, make it difficult. Apart from the rapid spread, these can also cause the disease to be more severe, ”he said.

"85 Percent Of New Cases Are Due To The UK Mutation"

Stating that they have detected a large number of mutant and variant viruses in recent weeks, Koca continued as follows: “85 percent of new cases are caused by the UK mutation. This changed form of the virus spreads faster than the first coronavirus. This is the type of virus that is common in the world today. Apart from that, there are other variants detected. The South African variant was seen in 11 persons in 285 provinces, and the Brazilian variant was seen in 9 persons in 166 provinces. A small number of B.1.525 variants have also been identified with California-New York. The E484K mutation, which the World Health Organization recommends to be followed closely due to its high contagiousness, was found in 4 cases. "

"No Dramatic Increase, But Developments Are Serious, Data Is Warning"

"Turkey is not a dramatic increase in intensive care occupancy of the bed occupancy rate and 59 per cent from 67,4 per cent in general but advances seriously, the data is cautionary," said Minister Husband, "Our health care to cover the uniform is still the general health services, it takes complete. If our burden becomes unavoidably heavy, we may have to make an arrangement like we have experienced before, for example, ”he said.

Stating that this information is the truth of daily life, Kovid-19 test laboratories and case tables, he emphasized that the warning of this fact should be paid attention to.

Pointing out that the effect of vaccination in the fight against Kovid-19 is seen, Koca said, “While 69 percent of patients in intensive care were over 65 years old in November, today this rate has dropped to 53 percent. The vaccination program continues, starting with the determined groups. We are among the countries with the most vaccination. In the near future, we will achieve community immunity both by providing vaccine diversity through procurement and by local vaccine production.

"Turkey is the 6th country in the world Top Vaccine Author"

Stating that more than 18 million doses of vaccine have been made so far, Koca said, “The number of our citizens who received the second dose vaccine reached 7,5 million. In light of this information, whether "Turkey vaccine successfully 'say, or' fail 'say, is there an indisputable fact: Turkey is the 6th country in the world that most vaccine" shared knowledge.

Will There Be A Complete Closing Decision for the Month of Ramadan?

Minister Koca said, “With the start of Ramadan, what kind of measures can be taken and what our suggestions might be, a general comprehensive preparation was made and a suggestion was made. There is a Cabinet meeting chaired by our President. We will be presenting these overarching alternative suggestions. In that context, Mr. President, they announce the decisions they see fit, ”he said. Now, eyes have been turned to the statement to be made by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after the Cabinet meeting where the recommendations of the Scientific Committee will be discussed. The critical meeting will be held at 15.00:XNUMX in Beştepe under the chairmanship of President Erdoğan.

Following the statements of Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, the Cabinet meeting, where the recommendations of the Coronavirus Scientific Committee will be discussed, will be held today under the chairmanship of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The prominent items on the agenda include reviewing the duration and scope of the curfew, including the Ramadan Feast, interrupting face-to-face education except for grades 8 and 12 in high-risk provinces, and resuming gradual overtime.

13 Critical Items to be Spoken in at the Cabinet Meeting

Here are the precautions that are stated to be discussed in the Scientific Committee and then at the cabinet meeting today: 1- Complete closure. 2- or travel ban in Turkey in the red provinces. 3- An evaluation will be made about the provinces where face-to-face education continues. 4- Mass iftar and sahur measures will be implemented during the month of Ramadan. 5- Flexible working model is also on the agenda again in the public sector. 6- Encouraging the private sector to work remotely. 7- The travel ban will also be on the agenda. 8- Changing the restriction hours. 9- Cafes and restaurants are closed during Ramadan. 10- The continuation of the weekend bans. 11- Implementation of the measures implemented last year in mosques for tarawih prayers during Ramadan. 12- Limitation of crowded squares and streets. 13- Travel ban on holidays.

Travel Ban in High Risk Provinces is on the Table

In addition, it is stated that new procurement and application methods to increase the vaccination rate and measures such as travel bans in high-risk provinces, especially in Istanbul, may come to the agenda. The decisions to be taken will be announced by Erdogan after the Cabinet meeting.

Cabinet Decision on Full Closure in Ramadan

The Scientific Committee made a general inclusive preparation and a suggestion, especially with the start of Ramadan, on what measures could be taken and what could be our suggestions. There is a Cabinet meeting chaired by our President. We will be presenting these overarching alternative suggestions.

In that context, Mr.President, they announce the decisions taken, although they deem it appropriate. We are experiencing a new peak period of increasing mutant and contagiousness. We are talking about a peak with increased contagion. We have to enter a period that reduces close contact and mobility.

Ramadan is a very important period in terms of measures. (What did the Scientific Committee suggest as a complete closure?) Our President stated; He had rested in Ramadan and told to follow the precautions. Our Scientific Committee also put forward its alternative approach in terms of suggestions. I will also be presenting them in the Cabinet.

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