Started with Spring Rally in Bodrum

It started with spring rally in basement
It started with spring rally in basement

📩 16/04/2021 14:50

The first race of the 2021 Şevki Gökerman Rally Cup, organized by Karya Automobile Sports Club in cooperation with Bodrum Promotion Foundation (BOTAV) and Bodrum Municipality, was completed with a successful organization.

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316 km. The long rally ended with the award ceremony held on the finish podium at TED Bodrum College, after passing the Rasatçı Faik Fethanoğlu and Saynur Gelendost stages in Yalıçiftlik-Kızılağaç region three times on Sunday, April 11th.

Record Participation

Rally Bodrum was held with 81 cars and 162 athletes as the scene of a record participation. A team of 148 volunteers and federation supervisors worked for sports competence and safety at each stage of the race for two days. Apart from these officers, the Gendarmerie team of 100 people, many law enforcement officers and local government employees took part in the event.

In Turkey, the first time a woman was appointed director of the rally. Nurdan Akal, as an athlete and as an experienced manager working in many international organizations, ensured that the race was completed in accordance with international standards in terms of sports.

Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras experienced the excitement of racing as a co-pilot in the pioneering racing car.

Winners Announced

The race ended with the winner of the team Burak Çukurova-Vedat Bostancı from BC Vision Motorsport team. Skoda Fabia R5 EVO with race Cukurova-Bob then Castrol Ford Team Can Hope from Turkey, Özdemir-Batuhan Memişyazıc while the second place with the Ford Fiesta R5 general classification third place on the winning team Evofo Rally was Ugur noble-Aras Dincer from the Team. special classification among national championship following drivers Category 2 Castrol Ford Team Turkey Ali Türkkan-Honor Lion, Category 3 Track Racing Ford Escort MKII with superior Üstünkaya-Karim Tor, also in Category 1 Murat 131 Levent Gür-Oytun Albayrak became the names sharing the first places. The awards of the top 3 teams in the general classification were presented by Bodrum District Governor Bekir Yılmaz, Muğla Youth Sports Provincial Director Ömer İlman and Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras.

In the Şevki Gökerman Rally Cup, İsmet Toktaş-Burak Heading of the BC Vision Motorsport team won the victory, and also won 4 asphalt racing tire awards from Pirelli. Mitsubishi Lancer EVO will have the opportunity Germirli-Mustafa Ayhan Gentle IX's second Castrol Ford Team Turkey Ali Emrah from Basho -Gürkal Menderes also won the third place with the Ford Fiesta ST. Toktas Category 4, Basho Category 3 championship also lying Castrol Ford Team Caglayan, Turkey and the Ford Fiesta R2 Steel- Efe Ersoy Category 2 and Fiat Palio Cem Doğrular- Erdal Blow also became the falcon of the first prize in Category 1 . These awards were given by the President of TOSFED Eren Üçlertoplası and the wife of Şevki Gökerman, Duygu Gökerman, and their daughters Zeynep Gökerman Yıldızhan and Ayşenur Gökerman.

First Time in Turkey Youtube'in

first special stage of a rally race in history in Turkey Youtube broadcast live on the channel. Broadcasting and social media interaction approached 200 thousand people. Racing the following audience via social media not only from Turkey, UK, USA, Netherlands, Italy and Hungary have helped to bring up the basement of an international platform.

The event ended with the award ceremony, where every special touch to the basement was planned, with amphora cups and tangerine neck wreaths.

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