Beils Starts Fluent English-Speaking Education at Private Schools

beils started training in private schools that speak fluent English
beils started training in private schools that speak fluent English

He beils the leading brand in online English training, preparing for the academic year 2021-2022 to be the solution partner of Turkey's leading private schools. In Beils's “K-12 Online English Speaking Lesson Project”, the number of pilot lessons held in different schools approached 600.

The leading brand in online English training Beils, taking a first in Turkey. Worldwide famous English material authors, teacher educators and speech Beils having a strong team with specialist teachers in English, in Turkey K12 (primary, secondary and high school) English language training school in the level has initiated a major project to close the gap. Currently full memo field with pilot studies carried out under this project Beils, in the 2021-2022 academic year will be the solution partner of Turkey's leading private schools in English speaking lessons.

The pandemic caught many educational institutions unprepared for distance education and the active learning process was interrupted. In fact, this year it was not online education, but “emergency compulsory education”. Despite the educational institutions mobilizing all the means they could, the students were tired, the teachers felt helpless, and the parents could not find their expectations. One of the biggest problems experienced in online education this year was to ensure the student's cognitive, social and affective participation in the lesson.

Parents prefer private schools primarily for their children to learn English very well and acquire fluent speaking skills. Ministry of Education Special Education Institutions According to the circular reported on 10.02.2021, English lessons, 20 percent in despite being entitled to online education with teachers who are native speakers of English private schools in Turkey, the main language because of the pandemic in finding experienced teachers of English they can have difficulty.

Nearly 600 pilot courses got full marks from private schools

Beils global leader in online teaching English, is the last 4 months of private schools had started a project to find a solution to this need most successful private school's cooperation with Turkey was realized. Beils, which has carried out nearly 600 pilots in different schools so far, focused on conducting comprehensive pilots focusing on online English speaking and effective communication skills. English speaking lessons of Beils, which improve effective communication, active learning and digital learning, received full marks from parents who follow their children at home, students who do not want the lesson to end, and school administrators who are very satisfied with the process. Pilot lessons made a serious difference even on students who were previously shy, unmotivated and lonely in front of the screen for a long time; It was observed that all students were waiting for the English speaking lesson with great motivation.

Beils is currently continuing its pilot work with different schools and continues to sign cooperation agreements with schools whose pilot studies have finished. It is stated that schools wishing to make an English speaking program with experienced teachers whose native language is English can get information from

Leader with English language training across 3 continents

Beils is the online education brand of Burlington English Group, an experienced leading publisher that has reached 30 millions of students and more than 10 thousand teachers worldwide with English educational materials for more than 100 years. After many years of development, Burlington English, which moved its English teaching solutions used in classrooms to the digital platform with the Beils brand, in 2009, offers trainings spanning 3 continents with hundreds of English language schools and English online teaching programs. Each of the Beils teachers is selected from among professionals who are English teaching graduates, have international diplomas and experience, and are experts in online education, active learning and conversational English.

With the unique online education platform it has developed, the English learning experience; experts in the online English training, the professional staff of teachers who are native speakers of English in Turkey as well offering in 2020 began Beils, "Power sources in the results of the difference" motto with confidence and fluently speak English, the language to prepare for the exam and those who want to learn English for career short time targets transports.

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