Körfez Transportation Increases the Variety of Products Carried with New Wagon Investment

Bay Transportation will enrich its product transportation range with the investment of new wagons
Bay Transportation will enrich its product transportation range with the investment of new wagons

Körfez Ulastirma AS, a subsidiary of Tüpraş, stood up for the transportation of other products in addition to fuel transportation.

Korfez Transportation AŞ, a subsidiary of Tüpraş operating in the field of railway transportation, diversified its transportation activities by investing in a wagon type other than tank wagon for the first time. kazannagged. Aiming to make rapid progress in the new type of transportation along with the fuel transportation with its 35 RGNS wagon investment, Körfez Transportation, in addition to the safe dangerous goods transportation; Tüpraş will enrich its product range by carrying new loads such as spare parts between refineries.


Pursuant to the 6th article of the regulation "On the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Railway" published by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure; Between the locomotive and the fuel-filled wagon series, there must be an additional wagon (safety wagon) that does not carry dangerous goods. In the new RGNS wagons, which are planned to be used for multipurpose purposes, all types of freight can be carried easily. In this way, while the new wagons are used as safety wagons, loads that are not classified as dangerous goods can be transported on suitable tracks.

Körfez Transportation, which has carried out these transactions with the wagons leased from TCDD until today, thanks to its 35 new RGNS wagon investment; It will be able to carry different sized containers easily. The new wagons will also be equipped with special containers with emergency response equipment, and opportunities for transportation of petroleum coke, materials and spare parts between Tüpraş refineries will be enhanced.

Gulf Transport Inc., management and operations in terms of safety, first establishing the Railway Safety Management System as a train operator in Turkey and the first "Safety Certificate" has the distinction of being the operator carries.

Source: İGF News Agency (İGFA)

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