ASELSAN and L3Harris Become Main Suppliers for Radio Systems of the Ukrainian Army

aselsan and lharris became the main supplier for the radio systems of the ukrainian army
aselsan and lharris became the main supplier for the radio systems of the ukrainian army

Advanced wireless communication systems developed by Aselsan and L3Harris are used by the Ukrainian army in the field.

It was stated by Defense Express that the radios made by Aselsan will be for the ground troops, and the L3Harris systems will be for almost all active units in the field. Currently, communication systems produced by Aselsan are actively used in modernized platforms of Ukrainian armored units. While the L3Harris radio system is a component of the Neptune anti-ship missile system, all Aselsan radios are modern systems built on Software Defined Radio architecture. Defense Express reported that the L3Harris systems were officially accepted as the basic radio system by the Ukrainian army and that these systems were prepared for installation on combat vehicles.

The US Government has committed to complement the modernization of Ukraine's armed forces with US-made radios. According to preliminary estimates, US Foreign Military Financing (FMF) program budgets from 2021 to 2025 will finance the purchase of L300Harris radio systems worth $ 3 million for the Ukrainian military.

Ukraine takes delivery of T-64 and T-72 tanks modernized with ASELSAN radios

In March 2021, the Lviv Armored Factory delivered the modernized T-64 and T-72 Main Battle Tanks (AMT) to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. To modernized main battle tanks ASELSAN 'It was reported that the new digital radio stations procured from the company were also integrated.

The communication solutions offered by ASELSAN are designed to provide efficient communication between the armored units and infantry units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Ukrainian Armed Forces this modification of armored troops "Network centric" He calls it.

Radio systems of the ASELSAN VHF product range, in the comparative tests of the armed forces at the tender opened in Ukraine in the summer of 2017 kazanhad become a company. A series of cooperation agreements were signed between Ukraine and ASELSAN, including both joint production and technology transfer.

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