PİTON R & D and software house, AUS Turkey's Mobility Technology Wins Product Award!

ar ge pythons and software house aus turkiyenin mobility technology won the award ur
ar ge pythons and software house aus turkiyenin mobility technology won the award ur

PITON R&D and Software House, which develops innovative solutions in the field of Smart City, Intelligent Transportation and Geographical Information Systems, won the Mobility Technology Product Award at the 4th Way of the Mind in Transportation Awards of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Association.

PITON R&D and Software House, which won the Domestic On Board Communication and Passenger Information System and Mobility Technology Product Award, develops innovative smart transportation systems using the latest software technologies with its R&D studies.

ALFA System | Intelligent Transport Platform with transportation PİTON R & D and software house providing services to enterprises, the domestic success abroad carries, Turkey contributes to the economy. Thanks to its strong infrastructure that enables multi-modal transportation service, it enables rail transportation, bus, sea and air transportation to be carried out in an integrated manner.

On-Board Communication and Information System, developed at international standards with its domestic engineering capability, can be used in accordance with any type of vehicle (tram, metro, bus, train, ferry, etc.) and equipment used in public transportation systems. It aims to reduce the initial installation, operation and maintenance costs by 40% and to establish a more modern passenger information system by developing an integrated communication and information system that will reduce our external dependence in transportation vehicles, especially rail system vehicles. The Driver Control Panel, LED Route Panel, Passenger Announcement System, Advertising and Media Management System and Passenger Information Panel provide instant and accurate data transfer to passengers.

ALFA System On-Board Communication and Control System consists of the following components.

  • On Board Passenger Information (LED, LCD)
  • Camera Management System (CCTV)
  • Advertising and Media Management
  • Announcement System
  • Smart Stop / Station (LED, LCD)
  • Vehicle Tracking System (GPS, Odometer, TCMS, ..)
  • Control Center Management System
  • Diagnostic and Monitoring
  • Line and Tariff Planning
  • Vehicle and Personnel Assignment
  • Maintenance Management System

PITON R&D and Software House, which was established in 100 with 2006% domestic capital, continues to work with a team of 35 people in the R&D office located in Eskişehir Osmangazi University Technopark.



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