ANKARAY Emek Station Ramp for the Disabled Has Been Opened

ankaray labor station disabled ramp is opened to use
ankaray labor station disabled ramp is opened to use

Upon intense demand from Beştepe Neighborhood residents and disabled associations, the construction of the ANKARAY Enterprise Emek Station disabled ramp, which was started to be built by the General Directorate of EGO, was put into service for our citizens.

With the disabled elevator in the underpass of ANKARAY Emek Station, access was only possible to the stairwell. From this point on, citizens had to use an eight-step ladder to reach the turnstiles. This situation caused difficulties in transportation especially for disabled citizens.

With the examination made by the General Directorate of EGO in the field and the evaluation of the requests from the citizens, the ramps were manufactured at the ANKARAY Operations Workshops completely by their own means, using their own personnel and consumables in their warehouse. The disabled ramp, which was built in accordance with the relevant regulations, was completed and assembled in a short period of two months.

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