Overpass to Solve Transportation Problems of Altıntepe, Waiting for TCDD Approval

The peace of the citizens is waiting for tcdd approval
The peace of the citizens is waiting for tcdd approval

📩 03/04/2021 13:19

In Maltepe, the bazaar and the beach cannot be reached due to the connection that was broken during the construction of Marmaray. In Kartal, TCDD permission is expected for months to make landscaping under the station returning to the garbage dump.

After the construction of Marmaray, more than 30 thousand people living in the Altıntepe District of Maltepe were disconnected from the beach and Bostancı market. Neighborhood residents have to walk more than 1 kilometer to access the bazaar and public transportation. Considering the elderly and the disabled, this distance requires a half-hour walk from time to time.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) prepared a project to eliminate the grievances created by TCDD during the construction of Marmaray. The overpass will shorten the access of those living in Maltepe's Altıntepe District to the Bostancı bazaar and public transport by half an hour.

However, for the construction of the bridge whose application projects have been completed, TCDD has not been granted permission for 6 months. Despite the official letters written and the negotiations, TCDD has not yet allowed the construction of the project in the area that is not used institutionally and is used by the surrounding apartments.

There is an intense reaction from TCDD from the neighborhood, who stated that even the name of the road in Altıntepe District is İstasyon Yolu Sokak. Altıntepe people expect the overpass to be built as soon as possible and the access problems that have been going on for years to be solved.


TCDD, which victimizes the citizen by not giving approval to the overpass, does not evaluate the gap under the viaduct, which is about 150 meters long, under the Marmaray station in Kartal. It is not taken into account that the area turns into garbage and poses a danger to the citizens.

IMM prepared an "landscaping project" for the area in question due to TCDD's failure to regulate this land and the demand from the residents of the district. However, TCDD has not approved the start of the study for 3 months.

Citizens want the gold of the viaduct to be arranged as soon as possible, which is turned into a garbage dump and creates problems in terms of urban security.

It is noteworthy that in both projects, the bureaucrats who expressed their views on "making TCDD out of its ownership" were former IMM administrators.

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