Akarca DDY Bridge Overpass is Counting Opening Days

ddy bridge overpass counts as days as urgent
ddy bridge overpass counts as days as urgent

The construction of Akarca DDY Köprülü Overpass, which connects Alaşehir, Yeni Mahalle and Barış Mahallesi, has been completed.

Giant Investment of 15 Million from TCDD to Alasehir

The construction of the vehicle bridge overpass instead of the level crossing located on the 2020 + 171 km of the Basmane-Afyon line, which was tendered and started by the TCDD General Directorate in November 165, was completed and its provisional acceptance was made. The bridge overpass, whose provisional acceptance was made by TCDD Izmir Regional Directorate, will be opened to vehicle traffic in the coming days following the completion of lighting by GDZ Elektrik.

The District Governor of Alaşehir, Abdullah Uçgun, examined the final version of the Bridge Construction on site. Examining the work done, he received information from the authorities.

During the investigation of the construction of the Akarca DDY Köprülü Overpass, District Governor Uçgun was accompanied by Alaşehir Ak Party District Chair Yaşar Demirel.

I would like to express my gratitude to District Governor Uçgun, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, Governor of Manisa Mr. Yaşar Karadeniz, TCDD General Directorate, Manisa Deputies and those who contributed. Said.

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