Yellow Lemons Joining Mersin Public Transport Fleet Passed A Test Drive

Yellow lemons joined the Mersin public transport fleet passed the test drive
Yellow lemons joined the Mersin public transport fleet passed the test drive

📩 27/04/2021 16:43

A turnkey ceremony was held for the first batch of 87 vehicles of 30 environmentally friendly CNG vehicles, which Mersin Metropolitan Municipality has acquired in order to strengthen its public transportation fleet and enable citizens to travel quickly, economically and comfortably. President Seçer, who received the representative key at the ceremony, took the wheel and made the first test drive of "Yellow Lemons". Stating that they consider public transportation within the scope of social municipality, Mayor Seçer said that they want to add 100-120 more vehicles to the fleet.

Mayor Seçer, Mezitli Mayor Neşet Tarhan, MTSO Board Chairman Ayhan Kızıltan, MTSO Assembly President Hamit İzol, Karsan General Manager Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu, Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats, Assembly members and political party representatives attended the handover ceremony held in the area of ​​the Old Bus Station.

"We are looking for ways to transport people in the most convenient, safe, comfortable and affordable way."

Speaking at the turnkey ceremony of 'Yellow Lemons', which will serve the people of Mersin with the slogan 'Lemon to Transportation to Ayıla Gazoz', President Seçer said, We are together at the ceremony to add our new CNG buses, which we see as a move, to our fleet. Since the day we took office, especially Mersin traffic problem, which is an integrated issue that cannot be considered independently with the traffic problem. By means of these municipal buses, we are looking for the most comfortable, safest, most comfortable and cheapest ways to transport people like this from one point to another in the current Mersin conditions with the first stage 13.4-kilometer underground rail system tender, which consists of three stages that we will perform tomorrow. we spend. Our aim is to ensure that our people can be transported in the heat of the summer of Mersin, in the cool, warm weather of winter, without getting cold or getting hot. For this, of course, the latest system, modern public transportation vehicles are needed. Of course, you need to pay a price for this. We are looking for ways to do this, ”he said.

"We will purchase one more vehicle between 100-120 in total"

Stating that they will purchase 87-100 new buses apart from the 120 buses that will be newly added to the fleet, President Seçer said, “In addition to the 87 new vehicles we will acquire, we will purchase another vehicle between 100-120 in total. We will achieve this with the means provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. A loan agreement of 22 million Euros has been achieved. 7 million Euros of this will be a grant, it should be paid for 10 years. In our Mersin Metropolitan Council, this borrowing authority was given to me with the support of our council members, but now in front of the President of the Republic, he has to sign, he has to include it in the investment program. Later, our Minister of Treasury, Lütfi Elvan, has to approve this. We are waiting for this process. A lot of our time has passed. I hope this will happen in a very short time, ”he said.

"We met our 87 vehicles with our own budget"

President Seçer stated that the existing public transport fleet should be renewed and talked about the features of the buses purchased. Seçer said the following:

“We have a total of 263 vehicles in our fleet. 18 of these are articulated and 205 are standard vehicles. These operate in the center, others in our peripheral districts. However, our fleet needs to be renewed. At the moment, we have the average age of 26 vehicles, 160 of which are midibuses. These need to be renewed. On the one hand, new routes need to be opened. New tools are needed there. On the other hand, we need to rejuvenate our current fleet. We covered 17 vehicles with our own budget. Karsan company carried out this sale and production. We made these purchases a while ago. According to the figures of that period, they were already suitable numbers, but now they have become much more appropriate numbers. Under normal circumstances, we had purchased 87 vehicles, but we demanded a 73% job increase from Karsan by using our legal right. They also accepted this request, and our 20 vehicles were 73 articulated, 10 standard types. Now 63 new vehicles will be added to our fleet, of which 75 are currently standard and 12 are articulated. "

"I see public transportation within the scope of social municipality"

Emphasizing that they consider public transportation not as a commercial activity, but as a social municipal service, Mayor Seçer said, “In addition, we want to have vehicles of 8.5 meters. New tools. We have it available. Especially in our Tarsus district. On some routes, our passenger average is very low, but we need to put vehicles on those routes that arise out of necessity. I want to say a sentence here, this is extremely important; I see public transportation within the scope of social municipality. Public transport should not be seen as a commercial activity. As a Mayor, we see this as a service. Let me give the final figures right now; With 2020 figures, we, as a municipality, subsidize 80 million TL in public transport, in a sense, annually. So we give it out of our pocket. I wish this to be known as such, ”he said.

“We are currently buying 56 vehicles. The specification is being prepared "

Stating that all 87 vehicles will arrive by September, President Seçer stated that they started to buy 56 vehicles and said, “Our vehicles on these routes are out of date. It is a waste of mind, so to speak. Big big buses consume 100-40 liters of diesel per 42 km. In fact, those old outdated, old vehicles consume much more. It is expensive because of its lining. We are currently buying 56 vehicles. The specification is being prepared. I hope we will bring this to our fleet under suitable conditions. 87 vehicles, 30 of them have arrived now. Until May 19, the remaining 43 pieces from the first stage will come. You know, we increased the job afterwards; the remaining part is until the end of September. In other words, 87 of our vehicles are party parties, 30 in April, 43 in May and our newly acquired vehicles, in other words 14 more vehicles in total, will join our fleet in September, ”he said.

"We will buy 58 units of 8.5 meters"

President Seçer, adding that they will go to new purchases to renew the fleet, said, “We will buy 58 8.5-meter vehicles and as soon as they are included in the IBRD investment program, his money is ready and we will bid for him. I am talking about Mersin in total, we will have 350 vehicles in our fleet. Because we will withdraw some old vehicles or vehicles that have expired from our fleet. 270 of these will serve in the center, the others will continue to serve in our districts, ”he said.

"We will have an annual fuel saving of 87 million lira from 10 vehicles"

Underlining that they will provide fuel savings of 87 million lira annually with 10 new vehicles added to the fleet, Seçer said, “If we bought these 87 vehicles as diesel, we would have an extra 10 million lira fuel expense. An additional 10 million lira would come to our annual cost. Our fuel consumption has a significant place in our expenses. As with every institution, energy costs are at the top of the biggest expenses of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, especially fuel and electricity. We undertake important works in this regard, too, ”he said.

"7 new lines will be opened, we are giving 41 new vehicles to the new lines to be opened"

Mayor Seçer reminded that the color preference of the buses with the slogan "Soda Gazoz to Transportation" was made by the citizens of Mersin with the questionnaire. Seçer said, “7 new lines will be opened, and we are giving 41 new vehicles to the new lines to be opened. Thus, the density of the old lines will be eliminated. This is important, the issue we receive the most complaints about is the passenger density on the lines. Therefore, this negatively affects the comfort in transportation. One of the ways to overcome them is to increase the number of vehicles. As a new route, we are establishing a connection between Taş Building and the 2nd Ring Road and Kuyuluk with Mersin University and City Hospital, ”he said.

Metropolitan's new bus campus work continues

Mayor Seçer emphasized that the construction works of the new bus campus are continuing and said, “A total of 404 bus parking spaces, natural gas and fuel oil filling stations, vehicle maintenance workshops as well as a modern transportation and campus center with a viewing center, resting areas and offices to serve the municipal buses we continue the construction. It will be a beautiful facility in the Toroslar region. We will provide our city with a very suitable and modern campus in a very short time ”, he said.

"We have made 51 smart stops since we took office"

Stating that smart stops will be widespread throughout the city and concept stops have been established within this framework, Seçer continued as follows:

“We have built 51 smart stops since we took office. 5 new concept stops, 10 of which are in Tarsus, will be operational in the coming days. The smartest stop established in the Forum was put into service. Disabled vehicle device, telephone charging unit, Wi-Fi, passenger information screen, remote, audio and video calls are available at the stops. We will expand them. Of course, these are trial runs. Our efforts continue to increase the number of smart stops, even the smartest stops, in many parts of the city. This place is very important; We switched to the smart transportation system. Mobile application from address is very soon, now on our smart phones. These will be put into use, it will be much faster for us to obtain information in public transportation with these applications, and it will be an application that saves us time. A new movement center is established in the AMATEM-Soli area. The search for a place continues at some points for new departure points. "

"Good luck with our lemons to Mersin"

Mayor Seçer stated that all units of the Metropolitan Municipality are working diligently in every field for Mersin and said, “We try to do good things and do good things but we want to do much better. We think our people are worthy of it. After a while, we will take our buses on a voyage. You have supported us here. Good luck with our lemons in Mersin ”.

Karsan General Manager Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu explained the technical features of the vehicles and said, “Today we are all together at the delivery ceremony of the first 87 vehicles of our 30-vehicle fleet. Considering the demands made by the commercial team of our municipality, we made our already technological vehicles even more technological. We equipped our vehicle with camera systems, rear view camera, collision sensors, and a high-capacity air conditioner so that no one would faint in this heat, especially based on your motto. We have applied fresh air intake air conditioning system to our vehicles, both on the driver's side and on the passenger side. I wish you all the best of our new vehicles, ”he said.

After the speeches, Karsan General Manager Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu presented a turnkey and plaque to President Seçer as a representation. Then, President Seçer got behind the wheel and got information about the vehicles from the company officials. The ceremony ended after President Seçer took a photo with the public transport drivers and the 'Yellow Lemons' went on the expedition with applause.

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