Which Vaccinations Should Dogs Be Given? Dogs Vaccination Schedule

What vaccinations should dogs be given to dogs?
What vaccinations should dogs be given to dogs?

If you have adopted a dog, you have met one of the most lovable, loyal and loyal friends you will ever meet! Dogs are highly devoted animals to their owners. You can do many activities with your cute friend and strengthen your communication by spending time with him. In the meantime, however, you should not neglect the health of your four-legged friend. When puppies are 45 days old, they should be taken to their first veterinary check-up and followed up regularly. So, what vaccinations should dogs be given? What are the drugs given other than vaccines?

Which Vaccines Should Puppies Be Given?

During the first veterinary visit of puppies, parasite medication or vaccine is administered in accordance with the general examination and blood analysis. The application of parasite drugs is of great importance in terms of protecting the health of both your lovely friend and you. Without parasitic medications, your dog's health may be put at risk by internal or external parasites, and you can also become infected. In order to prevent such problems, parasitic drugs should be repeated every 3 months.

When the parasitic applications are over, your dog will start their first vaccination when they are about 6 - 8 weeks old. The first vaccine to be given is a combination vaccine. The combination vaccine aims to immunize against juvenile disease, a common fatal disease in dogs, and many viruses that cause bloody diarrhea. Then, coronavirus, fungus, bordotella and rabies vaccines should be administered. It takes approximately 2,5 - 3 months for your dog to complete the first vaccinations. When the vaccines are over, repetitive parasitic applications should be started every three months.

Which Vaccinations Should Adult Dogs Be Given?

If you have adopted an adult dog or your dog is over the age of one, repeat vaccines should be introduced. The aforementioned vaccines need to be renewed as often and in cases as your veterinarian deems necessary. Your veterinarian will inform you in advance of possible vaccination recurrences. Vaccines that adult dogs should have are listed as coronavirus, rabies, bronchi, lyme and combination vaccines.

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