What Does Orthodontics Mean? What Does an Orthodontist Do?


Orthodontics, one of the fields of oral and dental health; It is the branch that deals with the treatment of incompatible teeth, facial irregularities and related disorders. Orthodontists who work to place the teeth in a way that they can do their job and to make them look aesthetically more smooth are called orthodontists. Orthodontists continue to work in the field of dental diseases, diagnose and treat lower and upper jaw disorders.

What Does Orthodontics Mean?

Orthodontics is a combination of the Greek words "ortho" and "odons". Among these words, "ortho" means regular, "odons" means tooth. “What does orthodontics do and what diseases does orthodontics look at? "smooth tooth" translation cannot fully satisfy the questions.

This specialty, which deals with the placement of teeth on bones and facial irregularities, is closely related to the irregularities that occur in the lower and middle face, although it means smooth teeth as a word.

Orthodontics, which examines the position of the lower and upper jaw relative to the head and dental relations, has developed considerably with new applications in recent years. In most applications, the age limit has been removed and treatment modalities have been created for both adults and children.

Patient satisfaction and comfort in orthodontics, which examines dental relations in three dimensions, has been of great importance in recent years. kazanis gone. More aesthetic braces, which are among the most used treatment tools in this field, have started to be preferred. Orthodontic treatments, aligner treatments and wire-free orthodontics, which can be easily performed with transparent aligners, came to the fore. Efforts continue to be made for the spread of such treatments.

Which Section Does Orthodontics Enter?

Orthodontics is included in the work of the dentistry department in the field of oral and dental health. Orthodontic treatments are usually done by trained dentists and orthodontists.

The Turkish Aligner Association was established in 2019 in order to spread the treatments performed by orthodontics specialists, to provide people with more accurate information, and to use new generation treatment methods.

In orthodontics, which is the specialty of dentistry, both hereditary and congenital diseases and problems that occur with development are treated.

What Does an Orthodontic Specialist Do?

The orthodontist, who deals with the treatment of orthodontic problems, closely follows why these diseases occur. Orthodontic problems may also occur due to some conditions experienced in childhood as well as genetically located behind the lower and upper jaws and other skeletal system disorders that occur in this region.

Long-term use of bottles and pacifiers, nail biting disease, finger sucking habit and similar situations during infancy and childhood can cause damage to both teeth and jaws.

Early treatment of problems in the face, jaw and teeth is important for both aesthetics and health. Therefore, orthodontics specialty has an important place in dentistry.

Notable Orthodontics Specialists

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