We Determine the Place of Istanbul Metro in the World

We determine the place of Istanbul subways in the world
We determine the place of Istanbul subways in the world

Metro Istanbul, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), is also included in the Customer Satisfaction Survey organized by Nova-CoMET, an international benchmarking organization of which 5 metro lines in 42 continents are members. To the research between April 12 and May 9 www.surveymonkey.co.uk Participation can be made at.

Turkey's largest city rail operator Metro Istanbul, from 26 countries operating in 39 cities of 42 international benchmarking organization that Metro is a member of the Nova-comet organized by the Customer Satisfaction Survey Ranks in the survey.

Nova-CoMET, headquartered in England, regularly organizes a Customer Satisfaction Survey for metro businesses that are members of the organization every year. In this context, the passengers of all the member subways are asked questions about usability, ease of access, ease of use, information during the journey, customer service, crowd, pre-travel information, reliability, comfort and security to measure how satisfied they are with the services they receive. As a result of the research, member subways have the opportunity to see their rankings among the world subways and determine their development areas in "passenger satisfaction measurement".

Metro Istanbul was the 2020nd in 2

Metro Istanbul has been participating in research regularly every year since 2014. Achieving a satisfaction rate of 2020 percent among the 26 member metro lines participating in Nova-CoMET's research in 80, Metro Istanbul was determined as the 2nd metro with the highest satisfaction rate.

Aiming to improve the service quality and increase the satisfaction rate of its passengers, Metro Istanbul aims to get a good result in the research to be carried out this year.

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