Ways to Reduce Sugar Consumption

Ways to reduce sugar consumption
Ways to reduce sugar consumption

Nowadays, processed sugar, which is used extensively in almost every food and its consumption is increasing, is used only for flavoring food and beverages. Processed sugar, which does not benefit the human body, is known as the main source of heart, diabetes and circulation problems, especially obesity. Generali Sigorta, with its deep-rooted history of more than 150 years, shared the tips of reducing sugar consumption, which causes various health problems in every age group, and eliminating it from daily life.

Watch out for corn syrup

In order to give up sugar, it is necessary to know processed or ready-made sugar well. Candy; It is divided into two groups as natural sugars and processed (refined) sugars. Especially in recent years, it is important for health to stay away from unnatural high fructose corn syrup types found in foods and beverages.

Change the snack concept

Today, many people prefer sugary foods to relieve hunger when they cannot find time during the day. Instead of these sugary foods, foods that are natural and will benefit the body should be preferred. For example, consuming foods such as apples, oranges, dried grapes, hazelnuts and peanuts instead of foods containing processed sugar meets the need for sugar.

Keep away from the kitchen

One of the best ways to remove sugar from everyday life is to avoid getting it into the kitchen. If possible, all products with artificial sugar, such as sauces containing sugar, carbonated and sugary drinks, should be removed from the kitchen. Healthier natural foods should be preferred instead.

Consuming protein

Situations in which blood sugar drops are not just related to sugar consumption. Eating protein is also one of the best ways to balance blood sugar. Consuming foods rich in protein, such as red meat, poultry, eggs, dairy products, and legumes, will also reduce your tendency towards sugar.

Avoiding sweeteners

While wanting to quit sugar consumption, turning to another type of sugar, artificial sweeteners, is a common mistake. It should not be forgotten that sweeteners also do not benefit the body and are harmful.

Drinking plenty of water

One of the best ways to remove processed sugar from the body is to drink plenty of water. It also cleans the harmful substances in the body such as water, sugar and salt and keeps it away from artificial food addiction.

To ensure the secretion of serotonin

Serotonin, which is called the happiness hormone, controls the secretion of insulin and balances the amount of sugar in the blood. Therefore, dealing with happy jobs, acquiring new hobbies and exercising also provide important benefits for the body.

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