Turkish Petroleum Became the Fastest Growing Brand of the Fuel Sector in 2020

became the fastest growing brand in the fuel industry.
became the fastest growing brand in the fuel industry.

100 percent domestic brand of the fuel industry operating under Zülfikarlar Holding, Türkiye Petrolleri, with 105 new dealers and 110 new autogas points added to its station network last year, increased its sales by 9 percent in fuel oil and 10 percent in autogas, according to EMRA data. Achieving the fastest growing brand success in the fuel industry in 2020 with its performance, Turkish Petroleum signed up with 25 new dealers in the first quarter of this year, and grew up in investments and sales.

"Deepening in Target All Channels and Customer Groups"

Fidan Bayındır Yıldız, General Manager of Turkish Petroleum, stated that they aim to deepen in all channels and all customer groups in line with the long-term strategy plan they have determined. Stating that they determined the developing channels and the provinces to be invested, Fidan Bayındır Yıldız continued as follows: “Our first goal was to protect our existing stations and then to make our dealer network stronger by adding new ones. We did not allow our current dealers to be affected by financial difficulties by taking part in the difficult pandemic process. "Thanks to the accessibility and prevalence we have achieved with the addition of our new dealers, we increased our market share in 2020 and became the fastest growing distribution company in white product sales."

"We Achieved 70 Percent of Growth Through Dealer Channel"

Emphasizing that the success of Turkish Petroleum is the result of a devoted work carried out in many channels, Fidan Bayındır Yıldız said, “70 percent of our sales come from sales through dealers. We have increased our product and service diversity in our dealer network spread all over Turkey. This year, he continued his words, saying, "We have almost gears up, aiming to multiply our success we achieved last year."

Fidan Bayındır Yıldız, General Manager of Turkish Petroleum; “Based on the consumers' search for trust, quality, smiling faces and good service at gas stations, we cooperated with Bizim Toptan Market for our market areas. At our stations, we offer services such as tire and lubricant change, check-up and even car rental. Our focus is to take the retailing understanding in the fuel sector one step further and to turn each station into a life center ”.

"We Have Taken A Big Step In Digital Transformation With TP Mobil"

Reminding that they launched TP Mobil, the mobile application of Türkiye Petrolleri, at the beginning of 2020, Yıldız; He stated that they offer a mobile application that will facilitate the consumers' experience and provide solutions according to their needs. Pointing out that they started the “Buy Now, Pay Later” era in the fuel sector with TP Mobile, Yıldız noted that they started the “Buy Now, Pay Later” era with TP Mobil, and underlined that they offer customers the convenience they can pay when they want to buy their fuel by defining instant limits through the application. He added that TP Mobil has become a mobile wallet that can send and receive money at any time with a phone number or QR code, without the need for an IBAN number.

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