TOGG Factory Is Built Under the Control of Türk Loydu

Togg factory is being built under the control of turk loydu
Togg factory is being built under the control of turk loydu

The steel structures of the TOGG factory of the Domestic Electric Car will be built under the control of Türk Loydu.

Our country, to produce the car indigenous capabilities, one of the largest import items and create a brand that can compete on a global scale-up starting with the target, established on 25 June 2018 and the idea of ​​TOGG owned property rights (Turkey Automobile Enterprise Group Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company) The domestic electric car production facility project, which has started to be built in Bursa's Gemlik district, is one of the biggest projects that our country has been dreaming of for many years, which is expected to be realized as soon as possible.

The manufacturing and assembly control activities of the structural steel construction of the factory, the foundation of which was laid in 2020 and planned to be built on an area of ​​2021 thousand square meters in 240, will be carried out by Türk Loydu.

It is expected that the factory, which is inherently electric, connected and has a current autonomous level, will benefit from the technologies of the future such as the Internet of things as well as classical production methods, and is planned to produce more than 150 thousand vehicles per year, it is expected to provide employment for 5 thousand people, 20 thousand of which are directly.

Türk Loydu is proud to transfer its knowledge and experience gained in national and international projects to the TOGG project, which is a milestone for our country, as in all mega projects that have been or are being realized in our country in recent years, and to be a part of this important national project.

Türk Loydu, which has brought many "firsts" that add value to our country due to its foundation purpose and mission; With its independent, impartial, reliable and expert staff, we continue to provide added value to our country with the awareness of being the only classification institution, domestic and national conformity assessment body of our country, by adopting the principle of acting in a stable and always growth-oriented manner in all areas in which it operates. .


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