İmamoğlu: Those Who Run After the Canal Istanbul Project Will Not Be Able To Get Rid Of A Forgiveness In The Future

İmamoğlu: Those Who Run After the Canal Istanbul Project Will Not Be Able To Get Rid Of A Forgiveness In The Future
İmamoğlu: Those Who Run After the Canal Istanbul Project Will Not Be Able To Get Rid Of A Forgiveness In The Future

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, journalists President Erdogan said, “Whether you want it or not, we will do this project. In fact, upon reminding him of his words "We are going out to tender in the summer", "Unfortunate statements continue. In fact, we want every penny of our country to be evaluated correctly. Phrases such as 'Oh, we betrayed, we were deceived' are of no value to us in the future, as they did in the past. Hopefully, after a few years, the administration of this country will achieve a sane and tidy process based on merit," he said. Imamoglu, when asked "Plans have been suspended, will you have an objection process?", "Of course we object. We invite our corporate and individual citizens to object. We want the law to work. We already have objections in the past. We have no patience for the law to do 'lay lay lom' on this issue.” Imamoglu was also asked about the declaration of 104 admirals. To this question, İmamoğlu said, “Our country has deep problems. The Republican People's Party, my party and my institution made the necessary explanation regarding the attitude and process that was set that day. Those statements are also our statements.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluattended the opening of the Seedling Production Center at the İSTAÇ Odayeri Katik Center in Kemerburgaz. After the program, İmamoğlu answered journalists' questions about the agenda.


Imamoglu said of a journalist, “Regarding the President Kanal Istanbul, 'We will do this project whether you like it or not. In fact, we are going out to tender in summer, 'he said. He described your statement that the Nation Alliance will rule this country in 2023 and cancel this project as a threat. How do you evaluate these statements? " He gave the following answer to his question:

“The unfortunate explanations continue. In fact, we want every penny of our country to be evaluated correctly. In fact, it should talk about what the domestic and national project means, which produces exactly this way at the moment. Some people despise this; But this is the most sacred moment of the unity of the society and the reflection of the added value by producing to the citizens. But, unfortunately, the insistence on a big betrayal project continues in Istanbul. It is an informal project. It is a concrete channel. It means nothing else.


We will fight until the end to prevent the non-national project. And another thing that upsets us; 'Tomorrow we will hit the pickaxe, we will start this summer. We will start at the end of this summer, we will do it whether you want to or not, we will do it out of spite. We have been hearing this for 2,5-3 years. Let me be clear, this form of statement should be questioned psychologically. It's not a pretty psychology. It is impossible to understand an understanding that insists, acts in this way, ignores the citizen and ignores the money of the citizen. It should be questioned psychologically. And there is no need to explain that much. So come on, hit the digging this weekend, so start. Like a joke. Our nation has other problems. Look, if we have money, since our money is in the budget, the Central Bank is all over the place, if we have an overflowing money, then the short-time work allowance was canceled on March 31st. Time is over. The citizen was left alone with his fate. Our citizen does not know what to do at the moment. Businesses don't know what to do. Millions of our people will be unemployed. Since we have this much money, an investment of 65 billion dollars is taking your eyes off. First we go and solve the problems of the citizen. My advice is to start that short-time allowance as soon as possible; If you have money, our citizen should feel safe. Look, we are fighting the disease, we are struggling with the troubles. Therefore, it is not possible to understand this insistence on this concrete channel process. I stand behind the word I said until the end. 'Sir, our citizen may forgive us. Alas we betrayed you. Words such as 'We betrayed, we were deceived' have happened in the past. These words have no value for us in the future. Hopefully, after a few years, the administration of this country will have a process based on merit in their sanity.


Those who are chasing the Kanal Istanbul project these days will not be able to get away with apologies in the future. They are accountable before the law. Today, those who are after paying money for this work or those who say 'it was a tender, what should we do, we tried to get it' simply cannot get away from the process. In front of the law for an issue that the citizens are so against; but I am warning the sectors at national and international level. This warning is not as the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; citizen Ekrem İmamoğlu as I do. As a citizen, I have the right to do so. Just as I do not want the billions of dollars of this nation's resources to be wasted, I do not want Istanbul's resources to be wasted at all. In that respect, no one can betray Istanbul anymore. In order not to do so, the citizens chose us in 2019. Those who do not understand this and make persistent sentences should also be examined psychologically.”


Upon the intervention of a journalist saying "The plans are suspended, will you have an objection process", İmamoğlu said, "Of course, we object. We invite our corporate, individual citizens to appeal. My technical friends have already made the information and I will do it. We want the law to work. We already have objections in the past. We have no tolerance for the law to do 'lay lay lom' in this regard. We also know the interventions made in the expert reports, it is not nice at all. Wherever you hold it, it comes to your hand. I appeal to those who are planning to buy agricultural land there and build housing now. As IMM, we are ready to buy the same money if they sell the places they bought as agricultural land as agricultural land. It is the property of the nation, it is agricultural land. I'm talking about an area of ​​135 million square meters. They drew a line, saying 'we will make a city of 1 million here'. You have seen when Istanbul was determined by a line. It goes so overflowing… I am talking about a work that threatens the whole of Thrace. She is beautiful Çatalca, Silivri, Arnavutköy. Look behind Arnavutköy. It is already inhabited there. People are miserable, in poverty. I'm calling out to the press; go and navigate. Let this channel love. This is crazy. This is not normal psychology. Therefore, I recommend the whole society to look at this process with reason and science ”he continued.


İmamoğlu, as well as project-related workshops IMM is the only institution which reminded, "this is nonsense In 2011, the Republic of Turkey 'Concrete Channel' explained that so far, that one workshop; We are the only institution that invites hundreds of scientists and conducts studies in which many reports and a book are published with the participation of thousands of citizens. If you are so assertive, why don't you call us anywhere? 'O people of Istanbul, our municipality representing the people of Istanbul, our mayor, please come and call us. No caller. Why; because they have nothing to tell. I invited opponents. I said, one by one, invite the parties to the construction of the channel to the IMM's workshop. None of them dared to come. Let them come and tell. If there is something to praise, they should praise; But do you know the answer to the question of the essential whole? Why? This love, why this rent? Istanbul does not need this ”.


İmamoğlu answered the question of when the problem of the closed Mahmutbey-Mecidiyeköy Metro at Mecidiyeköy station will be solved. The last five years have been so full of indescribable negligence… Look at the subway line in question. What if a subway line is awarded with two tenders? Sir, your structure is different. Someone else will do the technique and the mechanics… There is no such thing, these works are holistic. It can be a consortium; but it should be holistic, harmonious and integrated. There are a lot of technical problems. Not just that on the line. There are lines we are still dealing with. We worked so hard to fix such isolation problems on the Ümraniye - Üsküdar line? Our experts have been studying it for two days. After the report is released, we will share it with you. Unfortunately, a bad job has been done. Let me give you the most concrete example; Eminönü-Alibeyköy line. We removed the rails and concretes of 5 km again, drilled hundreds of piles 5-2.3 meters deep, and rebuilt them. Unfortunately, we think that there is a problem with water and drainage and insulation, rather than what has been done in the past. But now a legal application has been made. Experts do their work there. After the problem occurs, we will share it ”.


İmamoğlu, who was also asked about the declaration of 104 admirals, said:

“Our country has deep problems. In particular, poverty and the pandemic are hurting. Especially, these agendas should be resolved right now. Technically, we are already aware of many issues. The Republican People's Party, my party and my institution made the necessary explanation about the attitude and process put forward that day. Those statements are also our statement. "

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