Zula Ramadan Season Begins with Award-Winning Matches and Surprise Events

The stash Ramadan season begins with award-winning matches and surprise events.
The stash Ramadan season begins with award-winning matches and surprise events.

Many surprises are waiting for the players in the new season, which includes more awards and special events for the month of Ramadan, as well as the "Eleven Months" Series.

Turkey and more than 30 million players loved the game Zulu domestic production in the world, with special events and awards players will experience the joy of Ramadan. The "Eleven Months" series special to the month of Ramadan was included in the "Elite" privatization series in the Ramadan Season, where the rewards were increased and the gaming pleasure was carried to a much higher level.

In the Ramadan Season, where new materials and tasks are featured, the Ramadan-specific lobby matches added to the game will increase the dose of competition and excitement. Winners of the New Lobby will receive 200.000 XP and 200.000 ZP rewards.

Prize tournaments from iftar to sahura

While a total of 50.000 materials and new missions await players during the Ramadan Season, the “Eleven Months” series with new animations has been added to the customization series called “Elite”.

Tournaments will also be organized with the Awarded Tournament System (ÖTS), in which players match automatically and compete in specified time intervals. In the tournaments to be held every night between iftar and sahur times with ÖTS during the Ramadan Season, players will receive both cash prize and in-game money.

In the new season, the chance of success and 11% bonus will be added to all upgrades, while there will be Ramadan Imsak in Zula throughout the month, and special iftar and feast times for each city will be announced to the players in-game.

Günceleme: 14/04/2021 15:48

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