Aging nose also affects the face

The recumbent nose also affects the face
The recumbent nose also affects the face

Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Specialist Op Dr. Bahadır Baykal gave information about the subject. Rhinoplasty is one of the most performed plastic surgeries in the world. Every year, thousands of female patients search for cosmetic opportunities in order to see themselves better and more beautiful in terms of aesthetics. Generally, in our female patients, deformities caused by nasal shapes and nasal shape being incompatible and disproportionate to the face create dissatisfaction.

Rhinoplasty surgery plays an important role in people's lives socially and psychologically. Especially, our female patients stated that their self-confidence increased and they had a more stable emotional peace after rhinoplasty surgery. Some of our female patients even stated that they saw the success of rhinoplasty as an experience that caused their lives to change.

How often do you do Nose Aesthetics to relieve nasal congestion?

Contrary to popular belief, nasal aesthetics is a surgery performed not only for the appearance but also for those who have breathing problems. If your nose is broken, your nasal dorsal is collapsed or your nasal tip is drooping, breathing is problematic. In this case, we perform functional rhinoplasty. More than half of my patients apply to me with breathing problems.

Does Nose Aesthetics make us look younger?

Yes, although many people have not noticed, it is possible to trace the years with a small improvement applied to the nose.

Can you explain a little bit?

Just like our body, our nose ages, over time the skin of the nose becomes thinner and loses its flexibility. The cartilage structure is disrupted. The aging nose takes the look of a hook, as if hanging down. The nose is the most prominent organ of the face when you look at it, so the change in aging in the nose will also affect the entire dynamics of the face. Therefore, a good operation also positively affects the appearance of the face. Of course, if you add complementary rhinoplasty attempts to the operation, the result will be eye-catching.

What do you mean when you say Complementary Rhinoplasty interventions?

If it will carry the results of rhinoplasty to a better place, we can add some cosmetic procedures to the surgery, such as chin enlargement surgery or fat injections applied to the face.

How is the surgery planned?

First of all, it is useful to develop and prepare a personalized individual improvement plan. Just as a student should study well in his lesson, a surgeon should perform and finish the pre-operative surgery on his mind, and he should enter the surgery in the same way. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The operation should be performed by considering not only the nose but also the facial and general body features of the person, such as height and face size.

What exactly is the relationship between height and facial features with the nose?

People want to breathe better and become more beautiful while getting their nose done. In order to achieve this, we have to maintain balance and harmony of the nose with the face. Creating this balance is important for those who want good expression and experience has shown us; Before rhinoplasty surgery, many factors should be considered, including the patient's height. After all, how much your nose will be compatible with your face and general appearance is a very critical issue. While a very upturned nose tip may suit a short and petite person, it may not be suitable for tall people as the nostrils will attract a lot of attention. Or it may not seem natural to reduce the nose of someone whose face is wide and long, it should be evaluated well. Most of the time, we take the eye position, chin and cheekbone into these evaluations.

What awaits us after rhinoplasty surgery?

Do not be afraid, it is not a very difficult and painful process. There is usually a gradual improvement in the first 7 days. Pain is not much, but there may be swelling and occasional bruising under the eyes. But don't worry, at the end of the first week everything falls behind. Of course, you have to wait a year for the final results.

So who do you not recommend Nose Aesthetics to?

It is not normal for the person to be insensitive to his appearance and to be focused only on the nose and to be hypersensitive. If you have an obsessive or narcissistic personality, you need to think more carefully for aesthetics.

If you are undergoing surgery with the influence and direction of others, I would say not to, because no matter what the result is, you may be unhappy afterwards. It's not a good idea to have surgery just because your boyfriend or wife doesn't like your nose. A new nose self-confidence kazanbut it can't solve the problems in your daily life.

If you have substance addiction, if you use these substances, postpone your surgery. Talk to your doctor clearly, do not hide it.

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