Prototype of Electric Unmanned Attack Helicopter T-629 Produced

The prototype of the electric unmanned attack helicopter was produced.
The prototype of the electric unmanned attack helicopter was produced.

📩 27/04/2021 12:15

"What's Happening?" Temel Kotil made important statements about the T-629 attack helicopter.

The T629 electric and unmanned attack helicopter, prototype of which was produced by the Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI), was operated on the ground. Kotil also made statements about the T-629 and its electrically driven unmanned version, and mentioned the component partnership between the T-625 and T-629. He added that the 6-ton T-629 is an alternative to the 60-ton T-5 ATAK, which has been in service for a while and has a localization rate of close to 129%. On a question asked about the electric unmanned version, he replied that the prototype was produced and operated on the ground.

The T-2020 attack helicopter mock-up, which was displayed for the first time in June 629, included L-UMTAS, laser-guided long-range anti-tank missile system developed by ROKETSAN for use from attack helicopters as a weapon load. In the newly exhibited "unmanned" model, there was no weapon load. The placement of the FLIR / camera system and gun system in the first exhibited T-629 attack helicopter is the same as the T129 Attack helicopter, while the FLIR and cannon system layout is the same as the heavy class attack helicopter in the electric and unmanned model.

Other air platforms were also exhibited at the first T25 ATAK Phase-2021 helicopter delivery ceremony of the General Directorate of Security on February 129, 2, at TAI's main campus in Kazan, Ankara. Among the aircraft on display, for the first time, there was a new model of the T-2020 attack helicopter, whose images were reflected in June 629. It was the electric and unmanned attack helicopter of the mock-up with T-629 inscription on it, developed by TAI engineers.

TAI, which participated in the Seoul International Aviation and Defense Fair held in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, between 15-20 October 2019, shared the first information about the T-629 Attack Helicopter.

During the fair; TUSAŞ General Manager and CEO Temel Kotil, speaking to the official Show Daily of the fair published by GBP Aerospace & Defense, is a new 129-ton Attack Helicopter called T10, which is planned to be among the T6 ATAK and 629 Ton class ATAK-II Attack helicopters. It was the first time that it shared the first information about it with the public. Kotil said, “We have finalized the design studies. We are making preparations for the first flight. We plan to perform this flight in approximately one year. " had included his statements.

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