The Number of Public Bread Buffets in Ankara Will Rise to 417

The number of bread buffets in ankara will increase
The number of bread buffets in ankara will increase

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Public Bread Factory continues to bring together the bread and bakery products that it produces in healthy, hygienic and affordable prices with the people of Başkent. Aiming to reach more citizens, Halk Ekmek Fabrikası will increase the number of Halk Ekmek Buffets to 30 with a total of 8 buffets, 11 of which will be opened for the first time, with the drawing of lots to be held before the notary public on April 417.

The Metropolitan Municipality is expanding its buffet network in order to deliver the Folk Bread products, which are consumed fondly by the citizens of the capital, to more citizens.

Halk Ekmek Fabrikası will hold a draw before a notary for a total of 30 buffets, 2021 of which will be opened for the first time on April 8, 11.


With the new places to be opened, the number of public bread sales kiosks in Ankara will increase from 409 to 417.

11 People's Bread Buffet lottery draw will be held digitally on April 30 at 14.00:19 at the Public Bread Factory Conference Hall due to the Covid-2 outbreak. At the kiosks that will be rented to the beneficiaries for XNUMX years, the bread and bakery products produced by the Public Bread Factory will be sold untouched and under hygienic conditions.

11 citizens applied to participate in 364 buffet draws in Çankaya, Etimesgut, Sincan, Yenimahalle, Keçiören, Polatlı and Haymana, together with the expired contracts. As a result of the draw, 1 in Çankaya, 2 in Etimesgut, 2 in Sincan, 2 in Yenimahalle, 2 in Keçiören, 1 in Haymana and 1 in Polatlı will be allocated to their new owners.


Ankara Public Bread Factory General Manager Dr. Hüseyin Velioğlu stated that the people of Başkent have increased the service quality in the public bread stalls that have turned into a bread boat and gave the following information:

“We see the people who run the Halk Ekmek buffets as our 'frontier gentlemen'. Public Bread buffets are very important to us. In order to increase the service quality with all Halk Ekmek buffet operators, we held meetings in groups at the General Directorate of Halk Ekmek in July last year. During the pandemic period, we discussed many issues, especially hygiene measures, consumer satisfaction, friendly service understanding and their problems. We plan to continue these meetings, district by district, in the upcoming period. Currently, due to the epidemic, our priority is to keep hygiene measures at the highest level in our kiosks. In this direction, we constantly carry out our audits and controls. "

Stating that they immediately examined the complaints and suggestions from the citizens to Başkent 153, Velioğlu said that they first warned the buffet operators who were found to be acting in violation of the regulation and that if the complaint continues, the contract is terminated.

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