OPPO launches the newest of the Reno series, Reno5, for sale in Turkey

The newest of the oppo reno series, renoi launched in Turkey
The newest of the oppo reno series, renoi launched in Turkey

OPPO, the world's leading smart product brand, launched the newest model of the Reno series, the Reno5, in Turkey. Attracting attention with its superior performance features, thin and light design, Reno5 stands out as a model that will inspire you to make your own movie with its industry-leading video features. While Reno5 is the first product in the industry to feature Artificial Intelligence Highlight Video, along with advanced technologies such as 50W fast charging, AMOLED display with 90Hz refresh rate, its stylish and lightweight design makes the Reno5 a perfect companion for trend-setters all over the world.

You are in the lead role with the artificial intelligence portrait camera

Reno5 comes with a completely new camera system. This system has a 64MP rear quad camera setup and a front camera with a resolution of 44MP. The cameras are supported by OPPO's FDF Portrait Video System. Designed to create high quality portrait video effects, this system consists of the Quality Enhancement Engine and the Portrait Perception Engine running in the background. The Quality Enhancement Engine helps you capture flawless video in low light or backlit scenes, in motion or in a fixed position, in short in any conditions. The Portrait Detection Engine, on the other hand, offers features that give importance to detail for portrait effects, helping to get natural results in person and background shots. Combined, the system enables high-quality portrait videos that optimize the details captured with conventional lenses.

Reno5 marks a first

Reno5, which has FDF Portrait Video System, raises the portrait video quality to the next level with Artificial Intelligence Highlight Video. This technology detects the light in the environment by breaking a new ground in the sector; It improves video quality by applying OPPO's industry-leading Ultra Night Video Algorithms and Live HDR Algorithms. In dark environments, Ultra Night Video Algorithms come into play automatically and illuminate the scene. In backlit situations, Live HDR Algorithms reduce the light in areas with high light. Thanks to these two functions, the light and brightness of the videos are better and clear and natural colors are obtained when the "artificial intelligence" button is clicked in the video mode.

A host of creative video features

Reno5 offers a host of creative video features to inspire users. With the new Dual View Video, stories can be captured simultaneously from both the front and rear cameras. This dual perspective recording function effortlessly connects you and your subject in the same video frame. However, it offers a perfect solution for vloggers who want to always be on the move.

The Reno5 also has videographic features such as Ultra Video Stabilization 3.0. This technology enables users to shoot stable and high quality videos without compromising their mobility. You can now access the SoLoop application, where you can make video edits in one step, from the camera interface of Reno5.

Looking at its photo features, OPPO Image Cleaning Mode makes a powerful contribution to the Reno5's performance in portrait photos. Thanks to this system-level optimization, users can take photos of moving people or capture memorable moments as they happen. The smartphone also has Artificial Intelligence Scene Enhancement feature. Thus, it realizes the necessary optimization in terms of color, saturation and brightness in 22 different scenes such as cats, texts, fireworks shows, sunrise and sunset. In addition, with its 108MP image, Reno5 users can take quality portraits in daylight. Cinematic night portraits are obtained with the Night Portrait feature.

Doesn't compromise on performance

Among the many important performance features of the Reno5, ultra-fast 50W fast charging stands out as a feature that will change the user's smartphone habits. 50W fast charging charges 5% of the Reno80 in 31 minutes and 100% in just 48 minutes.

Reno5 also provides the user with 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage. The smartphone also offers fast performance with a balanced energy consumption in conjunction with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G mobile platform.

Reno5 is a smartphone that also cares about the privacy of the user's information. Detection Algorithm powered by artificial intelligence brings many features with it. Thanks to its Smart Surveillance Prevention feature, it detects whether someone else is looking at the phone at that moment and hides the message if it is looked at. The Smart Contactless Control feature allows you to answer or mute the incoming call and slide applications up and down by gestures without touching it. The Customizable Always On Display feature prevents the screen from going black or turning off while you are using the phone.

The Reno5 comes with OPPO's ColorOS 11.1 interface. The encryption methods used in ColorOS11.1 that ensure the secure protection and transfer of your personal information have been documented by third-party organizations such as ISO, ePrivacy and TrustArc. While the smartphone preserves the Android 11 features, you can arrange the user interface according to your needs.

The Three Finger Translation feature on the smartphone, in collaboration with Flexdrop and Google, significantly increases productivity. You can also fully immerse yourself in the fun with features such as Game Shortcut Mode, Player Mode, Bullet Display Messages, and Adjustable Game Touch.

Design that turns into thousands of colors

Reno5 is offered for sale in two different color options, shiny silver and shiny black. The bright silver color of Reno5 turns into thousands of colors, creating a completely different visual effect. When viewed from different angles or under different lights, the phone appears in completely different colors. Since the shiny silver is also processed with OPPO's original Reno Glow effect, the back of the phone shines as if embedded in millions of diamonds and there are no fingerprints on it. The lower edge width is reduced by 171% compared to Reno7,8 to 4 mm, thanks to advanced COF packaging technology in bright silver color, which weighs only 28 grams and is less than 3,98 mm thick. The ratio of the screen to the body, which is 4% on the Reno90,7, also increases to 91,7%. So you can have an edge-to-edge screen experience.

In addition, the Hidden Fingerprint Unlock feature is integrated at the bottom of the screen to instantly unlock if you want, while keeping your data safe. The Reno5 is also Netflix HD and Amazon Prime Video HD certified. In addition, the tested, verified and documented low blue light display is designed to protect the user's eyes during extended use.

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